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How to Make a Wire Spiral | Artbeads

Continue to 3 of 14 below. Turn a Loop at the End of the Wire. Continue to 4 of 14 below. Continue to 5 of 14 below. Making a Wire Spiral. Continue to 6 of 14 below.

DIY Wire Headpins

Make a Right Angle Under the Spiral. Continue to 7 of 14 below. Continue Wrapping the Spiral. Continue to 8 of 14 below.

Straighten the Wire for the Headpin. Continue to 9 of 14 below. Make Adjustments to Straighten the Spiral Headpin.

How to Make the Calypso Wire Spiral Earrings

Continue to 10 of 14 below. Hammer the Spiral Optional. Continue to 11 of 14 below. Finished Spiral Headpins. Continue to 12 of 14 below.

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Add Beads and a Loop. Another option is to hang beads from the V indentation in the spiral headpin. Continue to 13 of 14 below. Add Earwires to Make Earrings.

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It's a great way to learn how to hammer copper wire and use a metal hole punch. Lesson Quantity: 6. Lesson Quantity: 2. Lesson Quantity: 1.

Lesson Quantity: 3. Round Nose Wire Plier. G Lesson Quantity: 1. Chain Nose Wire Plier. Step 1. Trim the ends of the wire flat using the flush cutters.

Gold spiral WIRE earrings

Using the round nose pliers, make a small bend at one end of the wire. Then, using a combination of your fingers and the fat inside of the round nose pliers, start to spiral the wire around. Make sure there is plenty of space in between the spirals. Complete the spiral, forming it to your liking. Keep spiralling until the wire is wide enough to encase the gemstone. You can measure this by offering it up to the stone and stretching the spiral up around it.

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When you are about half way down the wire start another spiral from the other end turning it in the opposite direction to the first one. Keep going until the spirals meet in the middle. Prise up the smaller coils of the spiral now sitting on top of the gemstone, and thread a Jumpring through the centre to use as a bail for your pendant. Something went wrong