To Thine Own Self: Honesty in Marketing

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Integrity Quotes

Nowadays, a grill or oven works just fine. Is it original? Probably not. Someone, somewhere will have made something similar, but this is my take on it.

Close, but not quite. Combine the flavours with the yoghurt and rub into the meat, set aside for an hour, wash hands thoroughly. Assemble the lettuce and tomatoes and dress with marinated shallots and a tablespoon of the pickle, you can add a little light oil not olive oil , mustard oil works well.

Toss in the mint and coriander leaves too. Get the grill on as hot as it will go.

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Place some foil on the tray and lay the chicken fillets on to it, flat and with marinade and all. Grill for as long as it takes for the meat to brown slightly. A little crispiness here and there is fine.

Then turn on the oven as high as it will go for around 15 minutes, or until juices from the meat run clear, turning once to prevent burning. If you have home made water pickles to hand you can serve them on the side to accompany this dish, or even add a couple of tablespoons without the water to the dish. Simply create a series of statements that reflect you YOU think you are as an organization and ask your customers to rate you on those elements.

Focus on what matters to your audience. This is probably my all time most powerful question type because it not only tells you what matters to your customer, but has them rate how well you are doing.

To thine own self be true – sanjit chudha

This data will help you focus on the critical few elements that make a diference to your customers. Target the right audience. If you find yourself stretching yourself, your fact, and features, you may be targeting the wrong audience. I chose an audience that I was familiar with and had relationships with and forgot to pay attention to the fact that they were simply not interested in my message or what I was selling.

This is obviously no way to build a profitable business. I found another audience. This is BS. There is at least ONE company or person out there happy to trade dollars for your offer. Build on that.

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The next step is to have an offer that resonates with your customers. You will look desperate, your prospects will smell it and you will achieve exactly the opposite of what you intended. Focus on who you are in the world. Then go out there and just do it! So let me give you my strongest advice on how to be the best slot player you can be when not playing the machines. You must keep records of all your sessions on a spreadsheet. And you must keep them honestly. First get a spreadsheet.

This can be a computer program or just the old-fashioned pen and ink kind. Now, across the top make the following list. You might also want to include the comps you received for your play. Sometimes, generous comps can help in keeping your losses in some kind of perspective. Free rooms, free or discounted meals, shows, parties and products have a definite monetary value.