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Buy Now on Amazon. Read More Read Less. The Miracle Morning truly change my life. It has allowed me to finally start tapping into my full potential, which ultimately led me to a path of expanded consciousness that continues to reveal new opportunities and abilities.

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It is the ONLY way to start your day, the right way. I love Hal Elrod.

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He is a powerful teacher, and a man of great insight and high integrity. Reading his first book, Taking Life Head On! All I can say is that The Miracle Morning was definitely worth the wait. Hal Elrod has literally solved this problem. The Miracle Morning gives you the time and motivation you need to create the success you want, no matter how busy you are. I highly recommend it. The Miracle Morning is sensational! It provides fresh insights into how we can change our lives by simply changing how we wake up each day.

Hal has created something very special here that will no doubt transform many lives and enable you to fulfill your potential. What I can tell you is that if you want to change your life, there is no one better to show you how than Yo Pal Hal, and no single strategy will get you there faster than The Miracle Morning.

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  4. The Miracle Morning is a personal growth savior. The Miracle Morning is one of the simplest ways to dramatically change the trajectory of the rest of your life. Whether you are a successful entrepreneur, a stay at home parent, or working for someone else this book will help you achieve goals that you never thought possible. An absolute must-read for looking for a change or a boost to the next level.

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    So, I made a commitment to give The Miracle Morning a shot. Consistent with altered stress levels, we report that morning practice was related to less sleep quantity Table 1. Thus, our findings suggest that intercollegiate athletes do not alter their bedtime to accommodate earlier wake time and that further work is required to determine if improving sleep quantity leads to lower stress and improved morning performance in collegiate basketball players.

    Many strength and conditioning coaches use readiness scores to guide daily training load to optimize training adaptation. We have reported that elevated Omegawave scores are associated with improved CMJ performance in competitive male basketball players 9. It should be noted that in the current study, time of day did not affect Omegawave readiness scores Tables 1 and 2. This indicates that time of day influences performance independent of player readiness.

    This has practical implications for focusing efforts on training time of day, rather than solely relying on readiness, to improve performance. Whether increasing player readiness affects performance outcomes differently during morning compared with afternoon training remains to be investigated. The present study has several limitations that warrant discussion. First, because of the retrospective nature of the present study and space limitations, we were not able to randomly assign time of day of strength training sessions, resulting in an order effect.

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    However, as mentioned previously, the order effect may have attenuated the magnitude of the observed time of day differences. Second, the data examined are limited to the preseason training in male basketball players, and it is not possible to determine if morning compared with afternoon training affects performance during the competitive season. Third, the present investigation did not assess the quality of sleep obtained.

    Fourth, the quantity of self-reported sleep only included the hours received the night before and did not include the number of naps or daytime sleep that could alter the total quantity of sleep noted and affect performance. Although naps have been shown to blunt fatigue associated with sleep deprivation and increase motivation to perform 30 , our results suggest that night time sleep was related to lower performance outcomes in the morning, suggesting that night time sleep is an important determinant of performance Finally, the present study design did not allow for the differentiation between time of day vs.

    Future studies should control for PL and duration and sleep duration to examine the independent effects of time of day vs. In conclusion, this study investigated the variation in performance, player readiness, and self-reported sleep between morning and afternoon training sessions in male collegiate basketball players. These athletes exhibited lower performance measures during morning compared with afternoon training sessions.

    These results remained significantly different after matching training load and duration during the previous exposure and with no differences in player readiness. The results of this study have several practical applications for designing training. Athlete performance is compromised during morning training. In addition, the reduced quantity of sleep associated with early morning practice, although not affecting player readiness, is associated with impaired performance. Strength and conditioning and sport coaches should consider avoiding morning training sessions and practices if normal competitions are not held in the morning, as athlete performance can be compromised during this time of day.

    The authors would like to express our appreciation to Virginia Basketball for supporting this research project and their continued advocacy for research to enhance the health and performance of student athletes. You may be trying to access this site from a secured browser on the server. Please enable scripts and reload this page.

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    Advanced Search. Toggle navigation. Subscribe Register Login. Afternoon Training Your Name: optional. Your Email:. Colleague's Email:. Separate multiple e-mails with a ;. Send a copy to your email. Some error has occurred while processing your request. Please try after some time. Back to Top Article Outline. Table 1. Table 2.

    Neuromuscular fatigue and recovery in elite female soccer: Effects of active recovery. Med Sci Sports Exerc —, Cited Here PlayerLoad: Reliability, convergent validity, and influence of unit position during treadmill running. Int J Sports Physiol Perform 9: —, Within-Match PlayerLoad patterns during a simulated soccer match: Potential implications for unit positioning and fatigue management. Int J Sports Physiol Perform —, Baxter C, Reilly T. Influence of time of day on all-out swimming.

    Br J Sports Med —, PubMed CrossRef.

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    8. Time-of-day effects in maximal anaerobic leg exercise. A simple method for measurement of mechanical power in jumping. The reliability of MinimaxX accelerometers for measuring physical activity in Australian football. Int J Sports Physiol Perform 6: —, Time-of-day effect on the torque and neuromuscular properties of dominant and non-dominant quadriceps femoris.

      Chronobiol Int —, Non-invasive assessment of internal and external player load: Implications for optimizing athletic performance. Isaacs LD. Comparison of the vertec and Just Jump systems for measuring height of vertical jump by young children. Percept Mot Skills —, Johnson DL, Bahamonde R. Power output estimate in university athletes. J Strength Cond Res —, View Full Text CrossRef. Circadian variation in swim performance. J Appl Physiol —, Validity of two alternative systems for measuring vertical jump height.

      The effects of sleep extension on the athletic performance of collegiate basketball players. Sleep —, Diurnal variation in swim performance remains, irrespective of training once or twice daily. Int J Sports Physiol Perform 2: —, Markers of postmatch fatigue in professional Rugby League players. Impact of neuromuscular fatigue on match exercise intensity and performance in elite Australian football.

      Diurnal variation on the performance of soccer-specific skills. World J Sport Sci 2: 27—30, Diurnal variation in temperature, mental and physical performance, and tasks specifically related to football soccer. Reilly T, Down A.

      Morning vs Evening Workouts: Which is Better?

      Circadian variation in the standing broad jump. Percept Mot Skills , Reilly T, Edwards B. Altered sleep —wake cycles and physical performance in athletes. Physiol Behav —, The cortisol response to awakening in relation to different challenge tests and a hour cortisol rhythm. Life Sci —, Effect of time-of-day-specific strength training on serum hormone concentrations and isometric strength in men.

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      The influence of circadian rhythms on peak isokinetic force of quadriceps and hamstring muscles. Isokinetics Exerc Sci —, Intermittent-sprint performance and muscle glycogen after 30 h of sleep deprivation. View Full Text PubMed. The impact of circadian misalignment on athletic performance in professional football players. Warm-up affects diurnal variation in power output. Int J Sports Med —, Sources of variability in iso-inertial jump assessments. The effects of circadian rhythmicity of salivary cortisol and testosterone on maximal isometric force, maximal dynamic force, and power output. The role of a short post-lunch nap in improving cognitive, motor, and sprint performance in participants with partial sleep deprivation.

      J Sports Sci —, Monitoring neuromuscular fatigue in team-sport athletes using a cycle-ergometer test. Int J Sport Physiol Perform 10, Effects of intensified military field training on jumping performance. Int J Sports Med 45—52, Keywords: athlete monitoring ; morning training ; circadian rhythm ; sleep. Comparing Performance During Morning vs. Add Item s to:. An Existing Folder.