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There's nothing in the plot that's unpredictable. VERY predictable.

But you're not reading it for suspense PUC has redeemed herself the second time? But you're not reading it for suspense or mystery. You're reading it to see whether these two people will find magic together. Whether the H especially will heal enough and be brave enough to walk into the light for the h. Then there's the weeping wall and the haunted plantation and the fortune teller. But not really, nothing much happened there. The story about how hundreds of years ago, a half-breed slave girl and white soldier were in love and he betrayed her and they haunt the plantation - that was very predictable too.

Of course he didn't betray her. Must be a misunderstanding, and it doesn't take much to guess what the misunderstanding is. Not much sex, and that is perfectly FINE!

Because this is about the heart and the soul, and the lovely writing made me tear up a time or two. I do love the books that pluck at my heartstrings! So thanks, for the rec, Princess! I also recommend this book to other love story lovers Note, apparently, this writing and story style is not common for this author. I wanted to read something else of hers immediately, but quickly changed my mind.

Nevertheless, this book is very good. View all 3 comments. What a magnificent book! Full review coming soon. View all 5 comments. What you will have to ask yourself is if you should offer that grace from near or from afar. Offering grace does not mean offering your heart. That made it so worth it!

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Everything, all the culture and sights from the book came to life. Clara- a ballet dancer, gets the sh 4 Stars!! Clara- a ballet dancer, gets the shot of a lifetime to work at the New Orleans Ballet. In order to follow her dream, she has to leave her father who has Alzheimer's which is very hard for her but she does it. After being in New Orleans for a while, she hears a story from her neighbor about the Weeping Wall located at Windisle Plantation. Its magic and story, consumes Clara. She goes to the wall and meets a stranger behind it all.

Jonah, a highshot lawyer once upon a time, now lives in isolation because of something tragic that happened over 8 years ago.

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Consumed with guilt Jonah never leaves his home, which just so happens to be at Windisle Plantation. One day he receives a wish behind the wall, and hears a voice which turns his life - totally upside down. This book was so whimsical. There is a story within a story told here and it worked perfectly. There were a few different mysteries all going on at the same time which made the whole thing that much more amazing.

I really enjoyed all of the mentions of New Orleans history and all the legends and tales told about it! View all 7 comments. Apr 05, Wil Loves Books! Another fantastic book by Mia Sheridan. Dec 08, warhawke rated it really liked it Shelves: fuck-buddy-read , romance-love.

Alone and sad, she was drawn to the magic and mystery of a local tragic love story - a fascination that led her to a very private man. Jonah Chamberlain sequestered himself at the infamous Windisle Plantation. Years gone by while he hid behind the crumbling wall until he met someone who made him crave what he lost. Clara had a gentle and caring heart. Sure, those are good qualities but at the same time I also wondered how long before her innocence get swallowed whole by the big bad world lol!

Jonah believed he deserved what happened to him. I liked learning about his past and his fall from grace that led to his penance. He took everything too hard and it was good to see how he slowly chipped away the wall he built around himself.

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The story flowed at an easy pace. I liked how there were a past and a present. However, I wanted to feel more connection and significance between the two. It would also help if there were more details on the happenings of the past that would add to the feel. The Wish Collector is a tale of guilt and redemption. It would appeal to readers looking for a romantic story with a sprinkling of everyday magic. Dec 10, Ramona rated it it was amazing Shelves: something-new , hot-romance , favorites , man-crush.

I was in a bad reading slump for 3 weeks. If yo I was in a bad reading slump for 3 weeks. It also brought a lot of new elements which I loved and never experienced in her books before, sucj as the supernatural stories, but also a liiiiiitle vigillante inflections on the way. Clara and Jonah are right in the middle of it. There, she meets Jonah, on the other side of the wall which separates the property from the outer world. Their connection ignites fast, beginning a friendship which will turn into something strong and meaningful. He also has secrets that will need time and trust to be incovered and surpassed.

She involves herself heart and soul in this story and besides that, she loves a person for her soul, the physical aspect being not that important to her. In her love story with Jonah this is the key element, she is not judgmental, she is open hearted, she can give second chances and be extremely persistent. Her perseverance is what I loved about her, because she was extremely witty and smart and wanted to convince Jonah of her feelings no matter his stubborn self-distructive personality. Jonah on the other side, had a similar story to Archer, living in isolation, and this is why I made this parallels to begin with.

Because of the tragedy that left him damaged, Jonah is blaming himself and prefers this way of punishment for his actions. Stuck in a loop for 8 years, he never even considered redemption, until Clara appeared. This is the beauty of their love story, seeing how 2 lonely hearts bind together and heal each other in the most meaningful way. Besides that, throughout the story we can see our characters evolve, make more bold choices and change their life for the better.

All of this because they met one day at a weeping wall and developed strong feeling only by talking and sharing important things to them. The story is extremely touching and it emphasis the power of love and words in an atypical relationship. I loved every second of it, I loved the chemistry between Clara and Jonah, but most of all, I loved the feeling and the chills almost every page gave it. It gives you so much to think about, starting with physical attraction and ending with the power of forgiveness, not only for people around you, but for yourself, to try to start over when you have the chance.

The story between Clara and Jonah has so many elements linked to it, which makes it impossible to understant only it only from a review. You have to read it with your heart and see exactly the path that brought them together. It made me believe in stories beyond our world, in love without judging, in the healing power of words and in magic. Jul 05, Anja H. Such a magical and moving tale of true love! And by magical I mean actually involving some magic I enjoyed this immensely, despite sometimes being a bit too cheesy and maybe over the top?

Anyway, I couldn't get this book out of my head the rare moments I wasn't reading it! I loved the bit of mystery and the switching between past and present. View 1 comment. Nov 29, Ari rated it really liked it Shelves: favorites , lovestories-never-end , haunting-covers-giving-me-the-chill , sweet-lovers-may-last-forever , heart-aching , inner-strenght , shed-a-tear , contemporary. Check out my full review at Readin' Under Street-Lamps. Humbling feeling if I were to be honest. I am totally stealing this from some review I read some time ago, and as said reviewer said, anyone can be a writer, but not everyone can be an author.

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And Sheridan is undoubtedly, an author. Love carves into the hardest of places. You know how it is shiny new books and all. When I spotted The Wish Collector on Instagram I was immediately drawn to the cover, so different from her other covers so far. When you know that people take 1 to 2 minutes before deciding to take a chance on a book it is expected that the cover will play a central role in the decision making.

But I digress. It combines a modern retelling of Phantom of the Opera, an historical love story and a mystery to solve. Clara is a ballerina and has realized her lifetime dream; dance for a major ballet company in New Orleans. She comes from a single dad family and her dad sacrificed everything to have her follow ballet classes and dance. It broke my heart reading about that courageous father who now had Alzheimer and could not fully grasp that his little girl really made it.

Clara is lonely as the competition between dancers is fierce and she is far from home. Yet she will make friends with colorful and old-fashioned characters. Clara is at heart a big romantic. When she hears about the wall of wishes and the legend of Evangelina haunting the property ground as her lover betrayed her, she could not resist and visited that wall. Being generous her wish was not for her but for Evangelina.

Little did she know that behind the wall lived the owner, Jonah, disfigured after a dramatic event in which he played a major role and bore the brunt of a huge guilt. Week after week Clara will come back and speak to Jonah through the wall. It was sweet reading about the bond slowly forming between these two lonely souls.

We grasped from the beginning that present Jonah was far from past Jonah and had much to atone for. Poor Jonah he paid the price for his mistake. And disfigured as he was he never dared to hope that someone could love him one day. The dramatic event that happened in his life seemed to have changed him, making him more attuned to others sufferings.

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Opening his eyes to what was truly important in life: not glory but love. Swelling and receding…in rapture. In pain. Forgiving others but especially forgiving yourself as part of a healing process. The historical elements gave the story a tale-like quality. Something I would compare to Midnight Lily by the same author but Jonah looked like Archer as he was lost, sweet and hopeful. Every character is well fleshed out and relatable.

Clara is easy to love and Jonah is easy to fall for. The story flows effortlessly with some angst but not too much, light mystery and heavy romantic vibes. I just found this a little too smooth or sweet to give it the full 5 stars. Recommend it? Without a doubt if you love romance! Have you read Mia Sheridan's books?

Thanks for reading. And for now, he would enjoy the moments they had. It is beautiful and magical, and I think it fits this book perfectly. We have mystery, magic, history, romance, heartbreak and so much more in this book. I love all of these elements so I knew I was in for an interesting ride.

I will not go into the plot a lot, because I think the blurb is more than enough to entice the reader to pick up this book, so I will discuss my feelings and thoughts. I just loved the way the main characters Jonah and Clara met. It was magical, mysterious and intriguing. I just couldn't wait to see how their relationship would develop from the moment they met. Clara is so selfless and caring, she is the type of person loved by many.

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Jonah, is broken and hiding from the world, he is punishing himself. But the moment he meets Clara, he knows he can't hide or ignore her. Though in all honesty, it was far too late for that. She'd fallen. Somewhere along the way, she'd already fallen. I honestly wanted more of these flashbacks and I didn't think there were enough of them in this book. I was expecting a bigger focus on it, because it was pretty important in the first half of the book.

But towards the end it fell more to the background. In a way this was a good thing because the focus became stronger on Jonah and Clara's relationship and problems. But I was invested in both stories and was just expecting a little bit more. Overall, this book was amazing and so beautiful. The characters were great, the story was original, and I was hooked until the end.

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He was treated like a superstar and enjoyed every second. Donate Make a secure one-time or monthly gift. Refer a Child A wish experience begins with a referral. Volunteering Volunteering is a great way to help. After Issei went missing Rias etc started to realize what have they done and regretting their action but when they reunited once more Issei is not the same as he used to be, a pervert lucky go around changed to the badass Issei now. Issei will be traveling to different worlds to meet new girls, the 1st girl is Semiramis, then Scathach, Jalter, and Jeanne.

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