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It was God's plan from the beginning to bring forth the Messiah through Israel to act as the savior for the entire world. It proclaims a dynamic account of God's miracles, judgments, promises, and blessings. Israel begins as a unilateral promise to one man, Abraham. For more than years, Abraham and his descendants rely on that promise, even during a significant period of slavery in Egypt. Then, by means of an amazing series of miraculous events, God delivers the Israelites of out Egypt in the Exodus Hebrew: "a going out". The Exodus is the occasion that most Jews look to as the foundation of the nation of Israel.

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The Exodus is the act of deliverance which Israelites dwell on as the demonstration of God's love and protection of Israel. Once the Exodus was completed, God established a conditional covenant with the Israelites at the Mountain of Sinai. It is there that God promises blessings for adherence to His Law and curses for noncompliance. The rest of Israel's history as recorded in the Bible is a continuing cycle of blessing and punishment for Israel's obedience and disobedience to God's Law.

Throughout times of victory and defeat, king and judges, priests and prophets, restoration and exile - the Israelites are blessed when they obey God and disciplined when they do not. As a nation, Israel was destroyed by the Romans in 70 A. At that time, the Jews scattered throughout the whole world, keeping the hope based on prophetic promises of an eventual regathering to the chosen land God gave to Israel.

In , after almost years had passed, Israel was again declared a sovereign nation and officially reestablished in the promised land. Through a series of miraculous events, including the Jews retaking of Jerusalem in , this generation is witnessing the fulfillment of prophecy with respect to God's special nation. Why was one nation called out as "God's chosen people"?

History of Israel

These questions are answered when we examine God's ultimate purpose for Israel. When God made His unconditional promise to Abraham that He would make his descendants a great nation, God also promised to bless all people through that nation Genesis Therefore, Israel was never considered a sole recipient of God's blessings, but rather, a channel for God's blessings to all mankind. God's miracles for Israel, such as their dramatic deliverance from Egypt, were intended not only for the Israelites themselves, but as evidence of God's absolute power and uniqueness for a watching polytheistic world Exodus ; ; Joshua The Messiah that would come through the nation of Israel was always intended to be the Savior for all mankind Isaiah The Old Testament also contains many invitations to the entire world to come and worship the one living God in Israel Psalm ; Based on recent events in the Holy Land, it is clear that God's promise to Abraham is still being fulfilled.

Accordingly, God's promise to bless all peoples through Israel is still absolutely apparent. The teaching, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ , and the growth and influence of His church, were made possible through God's choice of Israel as His people. All people who accept Jesus as their Messiah, whether Jew or Gentile, receive the great blessings of God channeled through His chosen people, the nation of Israel. After six days of fighting and rioting, 47 Jews and 48 Arabs died. British Mandate for Palestine officially starts, and the first White Paper goes into effect, capping Jewish immigration into Mandatory Palestine.

This would form the basis of Revisionist Zionism. Read more about the different types of Zionism here. Fourth Aliyah starts : around 82, Jews arrive between and in Palestine as a result of growing anti-Semitism in Europe and the immigration quotas in the U. British authorities rule Jews cannot bring seats to the Western Wall, to dissuade them from worshipping there. Muslim Arabs were worried the Zionists were going to take over the Temple Mount. Fifth Aliyah begins: a wave of immigration spurred by the rise of Nazi Germany; a high number of professionals doctors, lawyers, etc.

Rumors start swirling that they are attacking local Arabs. A young Sephardic Jew is stabbed to death possibly unrelated to the tensions ; his funeral becomes a huge anti-Arab demonstration.

A quick and dirty history of Israel

Arabs converge on Jerusalem, spurred by rumors the Jews were going to try and claim the Western Wall. They start to attack Jews in the Old City, and violence begins to spread. Over the course of the week of riots, Arabs possibly higher and Jews are killed. The group, also shortened to Irgun or Etzel, is in favor of violent resistance. This occurs in two phases: helping Jews escape Nazi persecution, and then to helping Holocaust survivors get out of displaced persons camps in Europe. Arab Revolt Stage 1 : Palestinian Arabs revolt against British rule, demanding Arab independence and a cessation of Jewish immigration.

Amin al-Husseini calls for a general strike, which lasts from April to October. As a result of the strike, Britain declares martial law and sends 20, troops into Palestine. Peel Commission report published, recommending partition for the first time, separating Palestine into a Jewish state and an Arab state, with a British Mandate remaining over Nazareth, Bethlehem, and Jerusalem.

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The Arab Higher Committee denounces it immediately, fully opposes the idea of a Jewish state, and calls for a state of Palestine with protected rights for Jews and other minorities, a cessation of Jewish immigration, and land purchase. They see the Peel Commission as a basis for negotiation. Arab Revolt Stage 2 : turned more violent, lasting for two years until It becomes more a campaign of murder and sabotage against the British and the Jewish population in Palestine.

In response, the Irgun starts attacking Palestinian civilians. Kristallnacht occurs in Germany, creating a sense of urgency for Jewish immigration. Britain states that for the next five years, only 75, Jewish immigrants are able to enter Palestine. After those five years, no more Jewish immigration would be permitted, unless Palestinian Arabs agree to it.

Foundation of the State of Israel

Al-Husseini travels to Berlin, where he meets Hitler and other top Nazi leaders. Biltmore Conference in New York represents a shift in Zionist policy, arguing Palestine should be established as a Jewish commonwealth. They advocate for unrestricted Jewish immigration to Palestine and reject the White Paper on moral and legal terms. Irgun declares the Jewish Revolt. Under leadership of Menachem Begin, the Irgun wants the British to leave Palestine, to establish a Jewish state, and to allow for unrestricted Jewish immigration.

The horrors of the Holocaust are known by this point.

Lord Moyne assassinated by Lehi militants in Cairo, Egypt, because they regarded him as the architect of British immigration policy. Jewish Resistance Movement forms. Night of the Bridges operation takes place, bombing British railways and bridges.

In response, British undertake Operation Agatha , a series of mass arrests, culminating in Black Sabbath , when nearly 3, Zionist officials are arrested and Jewish Agency headquarters raided. In response, the Haganah withdraws from the alliance and switches focus to aiding illegal Jewish immigration to Palestine. The plan recommends independent Jewish and Arab states and an international control of Jerusalem.

The Map History of Modern Israel

The Jewish Agency accepts the plan as long as they have control over immigration ; Arab leaders reject it. Shortly, conflict breaks out between Jews and Arabs. Arab Siege of Jerusalem begins, also known as the Battle for Jerusalem. The UN Partition Plan had Jerusalem under international rule, but fighting quickly breaks out in the city.

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The intention in December was to isolate the ,ish Jewish residents of the city. Haganah launches Plan Dalet , largely to take control of Mandatory Palestine and establish the borders of a Jewish state. Between and civilians were killed by Jewish forces.

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This prompts thousands of Palestinians to flee. Golda Meir meets with King Abduallah I of Jordan, possibly setting up an understanding over dividing Palestine, but no agreement is made on the status of Jerusalem.

The Emergence of Zionism

Whatever is agreed upon is never followed through. What happened is disputed, possibly Arabs acted out of revenge for Deir Yassin, but a total of Jews a mix of fighters and civilians are killed. The Temple Mount is a site in the Old City of Jerusalem considered the holiest place in the world by Jews and the third-holiest by Muslims. Mandatory Palestine is how the territory that today is made up of Israel, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip was referred to when it was under the control of British authorities in the s.

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