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It's what puts it apart from the norm. If you get to the stage where you're no longer able to define a brand with your actions, then the brand is often finished. Everywhere has a bit of entertainment.

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There's always something interesting in everything. Our job as designers is to find that interesting thing and elevate it. We simply help steer the course.

Our job is to help clients better connect with their current and potential audiences. Brand guidelines are simply a bible of no — no one likes being told what to do. We encourage people to get involved. We like working with brands that operate at the edges of their sectors — that's what we find interesting: it's the need for an approach that operates on the fringes of what's seen as accessible. Really exciting things happen at the edge. It's important to learn from continuously operating outside your perceived boundaries. The more we play, the better it gets for the brands we work with.

Play is central to the journey to becoming a super brand.

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Brands need to play more: they'll affect people more, and move from being a needy brand to a needed brand. Liminality describes the state where this is no specific end point.

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If we can view that in-between state, the result will be a snapshot of where you happen to be, right now. Your ticket to freedom is to position yourself as the go-to expert on your topic by way of your personal truth before you even attempt to sell a book. Our process works, every time, because of pride ourselves on authenticity.

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We teach you to build a social, global platform that is a transmutation of your soul and message. Why do it backward and end up with an inventory of books in your basement and a negative balance in your account? You want to make a difference and an income.

This is how you do it. Fans will find you, follow you and wait for you to offer them something. They know you. They love you. The time has come to give the people what they want- your book! Most publishing houses take more than they give. Not here.

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And that circles back around to work we can take pride in. And then you rave about us to your friends. You win, we win, your audience wins. A big part of being a Superbrand is the trust your partners put in you - from process, quality control and finally to the end product. They know all the parts of the process or product have been thoroughly checked and all strict guidelines followed. In today's ever changing world, innovation is critical for a Superbrand to be relevant. Superbrands are fully aware of this and invest heavily to ensure their products are dynamic and versatile.

There are so many perspectives to brands and what brands are … and each of them hold water. Just about everything is a brand in some sense. Be it individuals, products, services, governments, structures etc. It is how you feel about it, not necessarily emotionally but all your interactions with the various brands. A Superbrand is the special something you are really bonded to in some sense and your journey through life would be slightly less special without it.

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They usually hold this special place because they are a notch better than the rest. To stay on top, any Superbrand must constantly either adapt or in some cases maintain a consistent connection with you.

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There is no real formula to this as every different brand or experience requires its own path. Branding is not complicated - but neither is it easy. A brand is a value proposition you construct for almost anything. Your granny is a brand. There are brands in medicine and education, the Law, religion, even politicians.

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Branding began with livestock. If my cows bore an H mark it was easy for me to recognise them.

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It was a mark of ownership. When I got better at rearing cattle, people in the marketplace would notice that cows with the H brand were fatter and glossier. The mark became a signal of added value. Bidders would pay more.