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Next, I will move on to extreme weather stories from my childhood. Aside from the season we were just done with. It was the best. Or the worst. That season is really the one to look forward to or dread. That was for sure a great or terrible one! PERSON 2: I will close with a humorous statement that although this is the first day of this season, it in no way matches the weather and temperature that is actually happening. We accept the lake as the center of existence.

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Its shore is reached by an old but beautifully painted rowboat. The boy often goes ashore to collect herbs, which his master teaches him about. One day the boy rows to shore and plays in some little ponds. Inspired to mischief, he ties a string around a fish, and a small stone to the other end, to make it hard for the fish to swim. He burbles with laughter. Then he plays the same cruel trick on a frog and a snake. He does not know that the master has followed and is watching him.

And we do not know how the master got to shore without the rowboat, although more than once, he seems to be able to do that. The rowboat seems to moor itself next to an ancient tree in the lake, without tether or anchor, and on one occasion, seems to float toward the master at his bidding, but there is no hint earlier that the boat returned for the master.

It is at that level of mysticism where you wonder if you really did see something out of the corner of your eye. The next morning when the boy awakens, he finds a stone tied to his back.

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The master orders him to return to shore and free the fish, the frog and the snake. End of spring. And that awakens the intent to murder. There is always an animal on the raft to keep the monk company the dog is glimpsed only briefly at the beginning. The monk feeds them, pets the cat because it is the requirement of cats to be petted and otherwise simply shares the space, as he does with his student.

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The lake, the raft, the house, the animals, the forest, are there for them, and will be there after them, and the monk accepts the use of them. We see him briefly at the end, playing another monk who has come to the island. Strange that the same director made both films. I note that Korean directors have an inclination toward extreme violence and frank sexuality, although it is usually represented as behavior, in a long shot, instead of being insisted upon in closeup.

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There must be something about floating isolation that fascinates this director. He expects as the monk apparently expects of his student that the arrangement will continue indefinitely. In both films, a visitor the same age as the protege comes aboard and introduces the possibility of carnality. Others may receive less water, and forest fires may become more frequent. In the autumn , or fall, temperatures cool again. Plants may begin to grow dormant. Animals might prepare themselves for the upcoming cold weather, storing food or traveling to warmer regions.

Various cultures have celebrated bountiful harvests with annual festivals.

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Thanksgiving is a good example. Winter often brings a chill. Some areas may experience snow or ice, while others see only cold rain. Animals find ways to warm themselves, and may have changed their appearance to adapt.

The Indian festival of Diwali, for example, which takes place between October and November, celebrates the triumph of righteousness, and of light over darkness. The timing and characteristics of the seasons depends upon the location on Earth. Regions near the equator experience fairly constant temperatures throughout the year, with balmy winters barely discernible from warm summers.

As Earth's Climate Changes, Is It Time to Redefine the Four Seasons?

This is because it gets fairly constant light from the sun, due to its position on the outer curve of the Earth, according to the Atmospheric Radiation Measurement ARM program. For areas to the north and south, the seasons can change more significantly. People closer to the poles might experience icier, more frigid winters, while those closer to the equator might suffer hotter summers. Other factors can also affect the weather and temperature over the seasons; some areas experience dry summers as temperatures spike, while others might call summer their "wet season.

Mountainous regions might experience more snowfall than plains within the same latitude, while oceanfront property could see an increase in violent tropical storms as the weather shifts. The time of year a region experiences a season depends on whether it is in the northern or southern hemisphere.

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The Southern Hemisphere experiences winter while its northern neighbors chart summer; the north sees the slow blossom of spring while the south brings in the autumn harvest.