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When her construction was completed in , the R38 was the biggest airship ever built.

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The airship, which is also known by its American designation ZR2, was manned by a mixed British and U. Of the 49 crew members, 17 belonged to the U. Navy and only one of these survived. Some of the British men are in a common grave there, although all the American bodies were shipped back to the States. The reasons for the disaster probably lie in the fact that the planned series of post production trials and safety checks was drastically cut from hours to On the final part of the last trial the airship had not experienced anything like the turbulence which was anticipated on the Atlantic crossing and so there was a last minute attempt to simulate this with an ill-judged sharp turn over the River Humber.

To meet the needs of the recent war, the R38 had been specifically designed to operate at high altitude and during this rapid change of direction the stresses exerted by the much denser air found at the flying height of only 2, feet caused the metal airframe to buckle and break.


There had been up to 63 U. For most of that time they were undergoing training while they waited for the building of R38 to be completed at Cardington in Bedfordshire. During the period of waiting, 8 of the U.

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In the song, details about the airship and its final flight are depicted as accurately as I could make them but I chose to fictionalise the characters because, after trying to trace the subsequent histories of some the real people involved, I realised that after all this time it would be too difficult to be sure of all the details. In addition to this, part of my fascination with the R38 story when I first read about it in the Hull Daily Mail, was sparked by the report that from time to time an unknown person would leave flowers on the memorial in the Western Cemetery.

Choosing fictional characters also allowed me to include things which I knew had happened to people at that time, although perhaps not to any of the real actors in the R38 story.

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Though the photo was long regarded as celebratory and romantic, many view the non-consensual kiss as "a very public act of sexual assault," Time Magazine wrote in Mendonsa died in the early morning after a seizure, following a fall at his assisted-living facility in Middletown, Rhode Island, his daughter, Sharon Molleur, told the Providence Journal. As the news spread across the country, emotions were running high; "the nation let loose," according to Time.

Sinbad the Sailor leads Sky1 schedule

Eisenstaedt was roaming Times Square with his Leica camera and already had his eye on a jubilant-looking sailor when he "saw something white being grabbed," he wrote in the book "Eisenstaedt on Eisenstaedt: A Self Portrait" Abbeville Press, If she had been dressed in a dark dress, I would never have taken the picture," Eisenstaedt wrote.

Friedman — who was a dental assistant, not a nurse — had left her office to see the news about V-J Day, she told the Veterans History Project in In the decades after the image was taken, 11 men and three women came forward claiming to be the photo's subjects, but Friedman was "most likely" the woman in the image, according to The New York Times. And digital 3D mapping of Mendonsa's face in showed that his face was a near-perfect match to the face of the man gripping Friedman in the photo, The Times reported. Featured on the cover of Life, the photo is thought to be Eisenstaedt's most famous image and is "a classic example of photojournalism," The Times wrote in his obituary in But it also raises troubling questions about the forcefulness of this non-consensual act.