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For me, this might mean calling a new tool provider to demonstrate their gadgets. Whatever your industry, try to expand your horizons a little bit every week.

10 of the Best Tips to Stop Yourself From Multitasking and Focus More Effectively

These tips worked for me, hopefully, some of them will help you out as well. Connect with us. Share Tweet. Are you this special kind of person? Do you wish to be a lone Lion who stands out amongst the sheep of this world? Rule Makers — These people make and set the rules for everyone else to follow. So what are you going to choose today? Is this going to be hard?

Are people going to try and hold you down and want to keep you at their level?

Prey - Story and All Endings Explained

Never quit on yourself Basic human fact… People will quit on you. Keep things simple Why do we always have to make things so complicated? When in doubt, take action Some action is always better than no action at all. Starting today will you be a lion or a sheep? Chris Schenk.

Best motivational Video Ever [GET RESULTS] - Change Your Mind [HD]

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Enjoy The World Without Limits — Exploring your mind

Published 1 month ago on Aug 28, By Ketan Pande. Published 2 months ago on Jul 26, By Marcus Clarke. Include short breaks My eye doctor once told me that for every 20 minutes of staring at a computer screen, you should look away and focus on something across the room for 20 seconds.

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Block out an afternoon for social activities and networking Set aside one afternoon a week for your social life. View your personal schedule as your work schedule A 9-to-5 job requires getting up every morning, preparing for the day, leaving the house, and commuting to your workplace. Have somewhere else to work for a change of scenery When procrastination sets in, sometimes a quick change of scenery is all you need. Love what you do This is arguably the most critical point on the whole list. These last few tips are Industry-related!

Make sure you have fun projects Not all of your work projects will be fun, but fight to make at least a couple of them fun. Attend industry events a couple of times a year Nearly every imaginable industry has an organising body of some kind. Schedule at least one call a week to learn something within your industry View this as an opportunity for personal development.

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The Perdition ending concludes with three small differences depending on your choice, but they all involve you destroying Talos I. Proceed through Prey until you reach Alex and receive the Prototype Nullwave Transmitter Fabrication Plan, but instead of killing Alex, simply knock him out and take the Arming Key from his body. After knocking him out, you can choose to save him or leave him.

Take the Arming Key to the Power Plant, fight off the Technopaths, and access the self-destruct console. You will now have 8-minutes to finalize anything else. However, there are three distinct ways this can turn out:. The third ending you can get in Prey is called, Abandon Ship, and is one of the easiest endings to get. This means, not killing any humans, saving as many survivors as possible, choosing not to kill Alex and so on. In this scene, you will be greeted by Alex who tells you about all your kind and decent acts, but the reveal here is that you were never Morgan Yu — you were a Typhon the entire time.

Talos I was an elaborate test to see whether Typhon and humanity could live and work together. To unlock the Bad After Credits Scene, you must have chosen to do as many bad acts as possible throughout Prey. This means, killing humans, choosing to let them be eaten by Typhon, killing Alex, getting the Abandon Ship ending, letting the survivors explode along with Talos I, and so on.

In this ending, you will be treated to a similar scene as the previous ending, but this time Alex will inform you of all your terrible actions.