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Finally, for anyone looking to transport large items or move home, then we offer a selection of vans and even moving equipment and tow bars too. If you are arriving into the city by plane, you will land into Lyon-Saint-Expury in the east. Driving into the city centre takes only thirty minutes from the airport using the A43 motorway. Central Lyon is circled by concentric ring roads connected by arterial links to one another and the vast motorway networks beyond. Lyon is an integral merging point for many of the major north-south routes through France, and this can mean that traffic is heavy at these exit points, especially in Summer.

Due to the number of rivers and canals in Lyon there can sometimes be hold-ups around the bridge crossings and tunnel between the A6 and A7. On-street parking in the city centre is allowed at an hourly rate, although it is completely free on Sundays and the entire month of August. For anyone who would rather not hunt for overnight parking close to their accommodation, there are a number of park-and-ride spaces in the more out-lying areas.

Located on the central island between the Saone and Rhone rivers this area is a hive of activity, where most of the citys museums, galleries and businesses are located. The area can become busy due to the limited through-ways, but head into the west area of the city and the roads become less densely packed. No trip to Lyon is complete without a thorough sampling of local cuisine.

Widely heralded as the culinary capital of the world, this unpretentious town is host to 14 Michelin starred restaurants, and some of the best indoor and outdoor markets in the world. Frances rich gastronomic heritage is allowed to shine as fresh, regional products are sourced daily from the neighbouring countryside towns and traditional recipes are lovingly adapted and reworked for a modern audience.

Head to a bouchon , a unique type of Lyonnaise restaurant, that specialises in warm, hearty homemade fare. Perouges is a beautiful old medieval town outside of Lyon and one of the "Plus Belles Villages" of France. Admire the beautiful cobbled streets and small ivy-lined lanes, soaking up the feel of traditional life in rural France. Take a drive out to Vienne, a stunning ancient city renowned for its Gallo-Roman ruins as well as Gothic churches. Visit the Temple dAuguste et de Livie, a fantastically preserved specimen built in 25 BC which provides a great insight into the changing political landscape of the area.

Below are the quick answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. Please be reminded that every country has slightly different rules and regulations, so for the most specific and detailed information pertaining to your desired rental please visit our rental information page. Please check our country-specific rental information for further details on the limits and amount deductible for each type of cover. Can I rent the car at one place and drop it off at another station?

Yes, although this may incur a one-way rental fee that will be shown during the booking process. Please note: one-way rentals may be restricted if you plan on crossing borders. Can I change my booking and do I have to pay a cancellation fee? It is perfectly possible to make changes to your booking, but please note that any fees incurred may vary dependent upon your booking.

Does Sixt deliver rental cars? Deliveries and collections are available at the local rental station subject to a fee. This service is available on request for an additional commitment fee outside opening times at selected locations. Can I cross borders with my rental car? It is possible to take your rental car across national borders, but this is dependent upon the country you will be entering and the type of vehicle you are renting. What is Sixt's refuelling policy? If desired, the vehicle will be refuelled according to currently available conditions after returning it to the station.

Alternatively, you may purchase a full tank of fuel at the time of rental at a price that is competitive with local fuel stations and return the tank empty. No refunds will be given for unused fuel.


Sixt uses cookies to provide you with the best possible service, to improve and evaluate the content of the website and to promote Sixt products. By continuing to use this website, you agree that cookies may be placed and used on your computer. You can change this under our cookie policy. Sixt Group Career with Sixt. Sixt Car Hire Login Menu. Car Rental Lyon. Country France. City Lyon. Branch Please select. Return at another station. Stansby A collection of metrical psalms and anthems, printed in score: nos. All rights reserved Page 7 of Leighton: O loving God and Father dear 2.

Leighton: Come let us sing to God 3. Leighton: My soul doth long 4. Leighton: In Thee o Lord I put my trust 5. Leighton: Thou art my God, Thy hel'p's at hand 6. Leighton: Almighty God which hast me brought 7. Leighton: I cannot Lord excuse my sin 8. Dowland: An heart that's broken and contrite 9.

Leighton: O Lord Thy name's most excellent Milton: Thou God of might that chastened me Johnson: Yield unto God the Lord Ford: Almighty God which hast me brought Hooper: Alas, that I offended ever Kindersley: O God to whom all hearts are seen Giles: Almighty Lord, and God of love Coprario: I'll lie me down to sleep in peace Bull: Attend unto my tears, o Lord nos : for 4 voices: All rights reserved Page 8 of S5 ed.

All rights reserved Page 9 of Elliott in keyboard notation 10 keyboard pieces, 3 violin pieces see relevant section and 5 pieces for cittern from Robert Edwards' musical commonplace book GB-En ks. The Laydie Loutihan's lilte 2. Sueit smylling Katie loves me 3.

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The Ile of Rea 4. Till I be lullid beyond thee 5. Jhon come kisse me noue 16,-- lc. Edwards MB. Allison: 1. The Lady Frances Sidney's Goodnight 2. Sharp Pavan 3. Pavan Dolorosa 4. Almain 5. Bacheler: 6.

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Sir Francis Walsingham's Goodnight 7. Sir Francis Walsingham's Goodmorrow 8. The Lady Frances Sidney's Felicity 9. The Lady Walsingham's Conceits Daniel's Trial The Widow's Mite Daniel's Almain Reade: Reade's Almain Holborne; set by Reade? Nicholson: The Jew's Dance treble violin, recorder, lute Holborne: Holborne's Farewell set by anon.

All rights reserved Page 10 of Dowland Morley: Now is the Month of May Southerne's Pavan The Sacred End Pavan Baxter: Galliard to The Sacred End Rosseter: "Lessons for Consorts, made by sundry excellent authors", London Th. Tomkins holograph 25 GB-Cfm Greer; accompaniment in keyboard score only Songs to the Lute: 1.

Campion: Now hath Flora robb'd her bowr's duet 2. Campion: Move now with measur'd sound duet 3. All rights reserved Page 11 of Lupo: Time that the fatal round 5. Giles: Triumph now with joy and mirth 6. Lanier: Bring away this sacred tree 7. Campion: Woo her and win her 8. Morley: O grief!

Allison: O Lord, turn not away thy face a4 Allison: When we sat in Babylon a Songs to the Bandora: Those eies which set my fancie on a fire How can the tree but waste and wither away One joy of joyes I only felt Song to the Cittern: Hume: The soldier's song: I sing the praise of honr'd wars Hume: Tobacco: Tobacco, tobacco sing sweetly for tobacco Hume: Fain would I change that note Hume: What greater grief then no Hume: Cease, leaden slumber Sources: "A new Booke of Tabliture, containing sundrie easie and familiar instructions, shewing howe to attaine to the knowledge to guide and dispose thy hand to play on sundry instruments, as the lute, orpharion and bandora: together with divers new lessons to each of these instruments.

Whereunto is added an introduction to prickesong, and certaine familliar rules of descant, with other necesarie tables plainely shewing the true use of the scale or gamut, and also how to set any lesson higher or lower at your pleasure. Collected together out of the best authors professing the practise of these instruments", London, William Barley Th. Allison: "The Psalmes of David in Meter, the plaine song beeing the common tune to be sung and plaide upon the lute, orpharyon, citterne or base violll, severally or altogether, the singing part to be either tenor or treble to the instrument, according to the nature of the voyce, or for fowre voyces", London T.

Principally made for two basse-viols yet so contrived, that it may be plaied 8 severall waies upon sundry instruments with much facilitie To this by occasion other small Poemes are adjoyned. All rights reserved Page 12 of With tenne short tunnes in the end, to which for the most part all the psalmes may be usually sung, for the use of such as are of mean skill, and whose leysure least serveth to practice: by Richard Allison gent. Barley, the assigne of Thomas Morley, Printed as a table book: 4 vocal parts and separate tablatures for the lute and for the cittern. Veni creator Come holie ghost 2.

The humbel sute of a sinner O Lord of whom I do depend 3. Te Deum We praise thee God 5. Magnificat My soule doth magnifie the Lord 7. Nunc dimittis O Lord, because my harts desire 8. Quicunque vult What man so ever he be 9. The Lamentation O Lord turne not away thy face The Lords prayer Our Father which in heaven art The Lords pryaer Into temtation lead us not The Complaint of a Sinner Where righteousness doth say Psalm 1: The man is blest that hath not bent Psalm 3: O Lord how are my foes increast Psalm 6: Lord in thy wrath reprove me not Psalm There is no God as foolish men Psalm O Lord how joyful is the King Psalm O God my God, wherefore dost thou Psalm I lift my hart to thee, my God Psalm All laud and praise with heart and voice Psalm The man is blest that carefull is Psalm Our eares have heard our fathers tell Psalm The Lord is our defence and ayd Psalm The mighty God th' eternal hath thus spoke Psalm O Lord consider my distresse Psalm Why doest thou tyrant boast abroad Psalm Regard o Lord for I complaine Psalm Save me o God and that with speede All rights reserved Page 13 of Psalm Be light and glad in God rejoice Psalm Attend my people to my law Psalm My soule give laude unto the Lord Pslam My soule praise the Lord Psalm With hart I doe accord Psalm Ye children which doe serve the Lord Psalm Blessed are they that perfect are Psalm In trouble and in thrall Psalm I lift mine eies to Sion Hill Psalm I did in heart rejoice Psalm Nou Esraell may say and that truly Psalm Such as in God the Lord doe trust Psalm When that the Lord againe his Sion had forth brought Psalm Lord to thee I make my mone Psalm Remember Davids troubles Lord Psalm O praise the Lord, priase him with one accord Psalm Praise yee the Lord for hee is good Psalm When as we sat in Babylon Psalm O Lord upon thee doe I call Psalm Thee will I alude my God and King Psalm Praise yee the Lord for it is good Psalm Give laude unto the Lord And Israel Attend my people and give eare The Lords prayer Our father which in eaven art The Creede All my beleife and confidence Da pacem Give peace in these our daies The Lamentation O Lord in thee is all my trust Editions: nos.

Harwood 76,-- nos. Daniel Bacheler Bachiler, Batchelar c after Consort pieces for: treble viol, flute, lute, cittern, bandora and bass viol 1. Sir Francis Walsingham's Goodnight 2. Sir Francis Walsingham's Goodmorrow 3. All rights reserved Page 14 of The Lady Walsingham's Conceits 5. Daniel's Trial 6. The Widow's Mite 7. John Baxter fl early 17th century Galliard to The Sacred End Pavan for: treble viol, flute, lute, cittern, bandora and bass viol source: Ph. Thomas Campion Move now with measur'd sound from Rosseter's "Lessons for Consort", see: Collections: "Music for mixed consort": no.

Lesure 36,-- lh. Krumbach 11,-- Holborne, A. Hereunto are added sixe short Aers Neapolitan like to three voyces, without the instrument: done by his brother William Holborne", London, P. All rights reserved Page 15 of Nos and 58 have an extra part for a bass instrument Nos are vocal compostions a3 by William Holborne The folio numbers of the edition in parentheses after the titles for cittern solo: Pavane passamezzo B2v 8.

Galliarde B2v 9. Pavane Quadro B3 Pavane la Vecchio B3v The oulde Almaine B4v The voyce C1 In pescod time C1v The Spanish pavane C2v Qui passi C3 As I went to Walsingham C3v Mounsiers Almayne C4 The Miller C4v What you will D1 The maydens of the Countrey D1v A Jyg D1v Bonny sweet Robin D2 A French toy D2 Go from my window D2v Sicke sicke and very sicke D3 Pavane Quadro D3v Pavane passamezo D4v Pavane passamezo E2v Galliard passamezo E4v Pavane Quadro F1v Pavane la vecchio F3 Pavane Quadro F4v A Hornepype G2v nos , Pavane G4v Maister Earles pavane H1v Pavane H2v Pavane Amoretta H3v "Pavans, galliards, almains", no.

Pavane Mens innovata H4v cf. Almayne I1v Galliarde I2v Maister Birds Galliard I3v Galliarde I4v Galliard Marie-golde K1v cf. Galliard K2v Galliard Queen's gall. K3v cf. Galliarde K4v Almaine The night watch L1v cf. Galliard L2v Galliarde L3v Almaine L4v Almayne The honie-suckle M1v "Pavans Galliard M2v Almaine The fruits of love M3v "Pavans All rights reserved Page 16 of Galliard M4v The farewell P2v Canzonets a3 by William Holborne: Change then for lo she changeth Q1v Since Bonny-boots Q2v Heere rest my thoughts Q3v Sweet I grant Q4v Gush foorth my teares R1v A Fancy dedicated to the Lord Borough Fantasia An Allmaine John Johnson fl Delight Pavan for: treble viol, flute, lute, cittern, bandora and bass viol see: Collections: "Music for Mixed Consort": no.

Jobin, Italian tablature for the 6-course cittern.

Falsches Spiel: Roman (German Edition)

Oyes aman 4. All rights reserved Page 17 of Par bien servir 6. Les yeux qui me sceurent Arcadelt 7. De tant de peine Arcadelt 8. Qui veult du ciel Arcadelt 9. Susan ung jour D.

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Lupi Second Bon jour mon coeur O. Mon coeur se recomande a vous Lassus Pis me peult venir Crecquillon Susan ung jour Lassus Non e lasso martire de Rore Os, io potessi donna Berchem Se pur ti guardo Pathie Bona sera Audieu singnora Madonna mia pieta Lassus Tu sai madonna Lassus Chi vol vedere Bewar mich Herr Zirler Ach Herre Got, meins Heils ein Horn Ich schwing mein Horn ins Jamerthal Senfl Gelobet sei Gott 27a-b. Gaiarde chi passa per questa strada Gaiarda Era di magio Gaiarda la Caracossa Gaiarda Milanessa Secunda milanesse Tertia milanessa Quarta Milanessa Quinta milanesa 40a-b.

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  6. Der nach Tanz H1 41a-b. Der nach Tanz H1v 42a-b. Der nach Tanz HH2v 43a-b. Der nach Tanz 44a-b. Der nach Tanz H3-H3v 45a-b. Der nach Tanz H4-H4v 46a-b. Der nach Tanz H4v-I1 47a-b. Der nach Tanz I1v 48a-b. Der nach Tanz I1v-I2 nos. Johann Dominico Lais fl 2nd half of the 16th century see: Kargel, S. All rights reserved Page 18 of Susato, 1. La cortesia voi donne predicate 2. Tu sai, madonna mia, ch'io t'amo et voglio 6. Tu, traditora, m'hai puost'a 'sto core b Neapolitan models for nos.

    Fontana: La cortesia voi donne predicate 2a. Fontana: 'No giorno t'haggio havere mintra 'ste mane 4a. Ballard, Ad altre le voi dare 'ste passate 8. Ecco la nimph' Ebrayca chiamata 9. Io ti voria contar la pena mia O belle, fusa! O occhi manza mia, cigli dorati Ogni giorno m'han ditt'a chi favelli Par ch'hai lasciato de non t'affacciare S'io fusse ciaul' et tu lo campnile S'io ti vedess' una sol volt' il giorno Kargel's "Novae, elegantissimae, gallicae, item et item et italicae cantilenae, mutetae et passomezo, adjunctis suis saltarellis Getruckt zu Strassburg durch Bernhard Jobin.

    Anno " 2d-e.

    But Cédric BARBOSA (28') / Evian TG FC - Olympique Lyonnais (2-3) - (ETG - OL) / 2014-15

    Two settings from E. Adriaensen's: "Pratum musicum longe amoenissimum, cuius spatiosissimo, eoque iucundissimo ambitu All rights reserved Page 19 of Jobin, h Intabulations for keyboard of nos. Les commandemens de Dieu.

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    Leve le cueur 2. Il faut que de tous mes esprits ps. Qui au conseil ps. O Seigneur que de gens ps. Tes jugemens ps. Gaillarde la Morette Gaillarde la Lionnaise Gaillarde la Burate S.

    see url Vreedman, no. Gaillarde Puisque vivre en servitude Certon Gaillarde Puisque nouvelle affection Gaillarde de la Gaye Gaillarde O combien est heureuse Certon Gaillarde Romanesque Les Matachins Les forces d'hercules Branle courant Branle des cordeliers Passepied Branle d'escosse Almande Almande de Lorayne Editions: nos. Vreedman: "Liber Secundus", no. All rights reserved Page 20 of Stand Up and Shout It! Stand up and shout it if you love my Jesus, Stand up and shout it if you love my Lord, I want to know, oh, I want to know, do you love my Lord? Chorus: He s my rock, my sword, my.

    Bible Passages of Comfort, Hope and Strength But his delight is in the law of the Lord; and in his law doth he meditate day and night. And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that bringeth. Manuscripts B. Early Prints C. Modern Collections D. Composers A - Z A. Traditional Prayers The Sign of the Cross.

    In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Our Father, Who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name. Class 9 September 30 th, Worship Part 1 This outline is the first part of what may be a three or four Sunday scripture centered discussion on worship and how we practice it that will unfold as. Have you thought of the reality of the judgment day? Judgment day is a real day!