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Troike said that simply because Dr. Harner's article had been accepted by reputable scientific journal did not mean it was proper for his views to be made known to the public.

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Furst said that many Aztec scholars would question the suggestion that there were 25 million people living in central Mexico in those days and that , of them were sacrificed and eaten every year. Those figures, developed by Dr. Woodrow Borah, a specialist on ancient Mexican demography at the University of California, Berkeley, were cited by Dr. Harner argued that the level of human sacrifice had been so great that it could not be explained by religious reasons alone.

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He suggested that, because the Aztecs had lacked large domesticated animals such as cattle or pigs, they had resorted to cannibalism to meet their need for protein. But is explainable in terns of their religion. Furst said that the Aztecs had believed that their world would be destroyed if the gods were not offered enough human hearts. Harrier said that he was not surprised at the reaction of specialists in.

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Mesoamerican history. Harrier said. They're clinging to a very romantic point of view about the Aztecs. It's the Hiawatha. Log In. See the article in its original context from March 3, , Page 13 Buy Reprints.

European Neandertals were cannibals

Crusoe reflects contentedly on the peopling of his kingdom with loyal subjects. The Spaniard says yes, but reminds Crusoe that food production would have to be expanded to accommodate so many extra men. With the help of his new workers, Crusoe increases his agricultural capacity.

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He gives each of the new men a gun. One day Friday comes running to Crusoe with news that a boat is approaching the island, and Crusoe, with his spyglass, discovers it to be English.


Crusoe is suspicious. Near the shore, Crusoe and Friday discover that the boat contains eleven men, three of whom are bound as prisoners. Friday suspects that the captors are preparing for cannibalism.

l0ad57da.justinstalledpanel.com/9309.php When the eight free men wander around the island, Crusoe approaches the prisoners, who mistake him for an angel. One prisoner explains that he is the captain of the ship and that the sailors have mutinied. Crusoe proposes that in exchange for liberating him and the other two, he and Friday should be granted free passage to England.

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The captain agrees and Crusoe gives him a gun. They disable the boat to prevent the additional men from escaping. Sure enough, ten seamen come in from the ship to discover the boat destroyed.

Leaving three in the second boat as watchmen, the other seven come ashore. Crusoe then sends Friday and another to shout at the men from various directions, and Crusoe succeeds in confusing and tiring them so that they are finally separated. All the mutineers surrender.

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The captain makes up a story that the island is a royal colony and that the governor is preparing to execute the ringleader the next day. The affectionate and loyal bond between Crusoe and Friday is a remarkable feature of this early novel. Indeed, it is striking that this tender friendship is depicted in an age when Europeans were engaged in the large-scale devastation of nonwhite populations across the globe.

Even to represent a Native American with the individual characterization that Defoe gives Friday, much less as an individual with admirable traits, was an unprecedented move in English literature.