Elseerian: The Second Draeken War #1 (The Chronicles of Lumineia: The Second Draeken War series)

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The Dark has been unleashed. Impervious to mage or man, its almighty power is only matched by its hunger. Unchecked it will devour the planet Human and creature alike will become Assassin's Blade is a 10, word short story in the riveting Chronicles of Lumineia, and precedes the events in The Last Oracle. Renowned for his flawless kills, the Swordsman is one of the most lethal mages on Earth. Nations were slaughtered, cities were erased from existence, and defending armies were crushed into oblivion. With hundreds Born of darkness, the ultimate army has been unleashed.

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The only hope lies in destroying the source -- before all life is extinguished. Fate has chosen Elseerian for the impossible feat, but as he embarks on the harrowing The Second Draeken War has yet to occur, but his victory is assured. When all life stands on the brink the nations will be forced to gather -- but it will be too late. The army built to exterminate them will not fail in its Forced to ally, the world has gathered against the endless night. Numbering over a million souls, they are the survivors of nations. They have armed themselves with weapons and magic, and defend the strongest fortress every Empowered with the magic of luck, the Master has no equal.

At her command the Dark has devoured half the globe. Entire nations have been erased, continents have vanished, and billions are dead. The desperate survivors have The Dark has nearly consumed the planet. Men and beasts have been stripped of their minds, their bodies twisted to serve the Master's will. Her army now numbers in the trillions and is led by two supreme generals. Even the King Tryton has rebuilt a nation, forged peace from war, and returned his people to the honor they had lost.

Now guarding mages, guildmasters, and kings, the rock trolls inspire respect rather than fear. In spite of his The humans have flourished with time, unaware that The Last Oracle is destined to unite them The oracles have always been the guardians of peace. Now they are the heralds of war. After a century of planning, their strike is swift and brutal. In a night of upheaval the kings and queens are cast from their thrones With all of magic at her command, Alydian is born to power.

She and the other oracles serve the people, guiding kings and commoners with their ability to know the future.

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Yet despite Alydian's power she cannot foresee the Relentless in their pursuit of perfection, the rock trolls have waged war for millennia. Legendary warriors, vast armies, and even dragons have fallen before their might. But now their enemy comes from within. Rising to the Forged for combat, the rock trolls have no equal.

They train from birth, endure brutal conditioning, and mark their skin with every kill. They have become the very flesh of war, but their history of honor has been forgotten Market Like a Boss? Neither does executing it. Marketing Like a Boss only requires perseverance, knowledge, and a Jack Myst infiltrated the Thieves Guild to avenge his mother's murder, but never expected to find a home. Now a master thief, he grapples with his new identity as he unravels the secrets of the fallen Guildmaster.

The trail The Thieves Guild is renowned for their ability to steal anything. Its elite members have robbed nobles of wealth, reputation, and even their honor. The Guildmaster rules them with brutality and fear, yet his name and past Led by the mysterious Master, the Harbingers have infiltrated the highest levels of the mage government. They mean to reveal the mages to the world -- and then conquer it.

To that end they have stolen the Sword of Elseerian The fragments of Draeken have protected Lumineia for ages, but never faced such a foe. Is she dead? So similar to the Harry Potter series!! Lots of magic, school kids action. Also, Tempest is so like Quidditch. Derek is a great narrator. He made you feel like you were actually there, experiencing it. Was this a book you wanted to listen to all in one sitting? Not possible. Its too long. An engaging fantasy world that is thoroughly fleshed out and draws you into the story.

I believe it's a good read for any who are a fan of J.

The White Mage Omnibus: Books 1-3

Rowling works. Enjoying this series so far, can't wait to get to the next in the series then read more into the word and lore. I found though a few similarities with concepts and names in reference were uncanny. In that comparison with the movie themes and concepts. Other points was pacing elements in the story was inconsistent. Somewhat jarring to listen to when a chapter tries to subvert your expectations with a twist, but you can see it a mile away. The villians are also inconsistent, driving points and motivations are not very self aware or established.

If anything very cartoonish in portrail. I loved these book so much, it really keeps me entertained and worth the purchase. I'm already downloading book 4 as we speak. Derek Perkins is a great narrator throughout this trilogy. His deep baritone voice of conviction reminds me a little of Rupert Degas. However, alters to a very decent range to fulfill the more feminine, elderly or magical characters. The story does remind me a bit of Harry Potter but the main character centres around a teenage girl instead. A grand effort which will whisk you away on an epic adventure of good vs evil, light vs the dark.

This was just awful. Utterly uninteresting and unoriginal. I really wanted to like it, but it is hard to find anything good to say about it. The performance by Derek Perkins is fine, but inappropriate for the setting. I bought this to listen to on a long drive and was just shocked at how bad it was. I honestly would not recommend this anyone.

Way too far fetched. I didn't realised this was "young adult" it's more like something written by roald Dahl for children. The cover and preview make it seem like this is marketed for adults or young adult at a stretch. Would you recommend this audiobook to a friend? If so, why? It is a great story. Entertaining and emotional- it reminds you of other young adult fantasy works while still remaining highly unique and interesting. In certain aspects it reminded me of the cycle of arawn and the harry potter series.

The Second Draeken War

Many themes cross over from HP but the story's uniqueness in terms of fantasy elements is very close to the cycle's own elements. Variance in voices and tone was well conveyed for the most part. Derek handled accents of different characters well without allowing them to overshadow what was being said. Female voices were done convincingly and naturally. Was there a moment in the book that particularly moved you? There were many but in the interest of not providing any spoilers I'll leave it at Tess and Iris's friendship.

The fact that the two are so incredibly different and eventually come to love each other as sisters was absolutely lovely. Any additional comments? I sincerely hope the rest of this series is released on audible.

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Originally I was skeptical about the series as I thought the story would be juvenile due to the age of the main characters but it is anything but. All of the main characters are written as amazingly human and even those who fill a bit of an archetype are still unique in their own ways. If the great story itself isn't reason enough to release the rest of the series I think Derek Perkins' performance puts it over the top as an amazing audible experience. Maybe it was partially the fault of the dialog.

Still; consistent, clear diction helped the performance. It had a young adult twang to it. JK Rollins books managed to not have that kind of feel. The dialog was somewhat stilted. Story line was a bit slow. I have no desire to go any further into the series. There are idiosyncrasies and details that are missed if not forgotten due to the length and nature of the story. It would be good to fill in the gaps. What was the most interesting aspect of this story? The least interesting? The twist and anything more said would be a spoiler. He is an amazing narrator. I find his delivery of the content and delivery of voice characterization stimulates the imagination in such an engaging fashion.

Though I will admit that there are similarities to Harry Potter, it has a right to stand on its own. My only concern is that the precursor books "The Chronicles of Lumineia" was written in a different style and I found myself yearning for the consistency in writing. Granted that the White Mage is 10k years in Lumineia's future, the transition could have been more elegant.

My biggest complaint is the rest of the series is not yet on Audible. Great listen imaginative story enjoyed it immensely. This book was a great deal of fun to listen to. I enjoyed it thoroughly. I agree with past reviewers, however, that it's a shame the rest of the series isn't available on Audible yet! It's quite the cliffhanger at the end of book 3! This was the adventures of children. Listened to it because I bought it but it is for young adults. Characters are differentiated well. Need to catalog book for correct listeners I loved the book.

I almost didn't get this book because of a review saying it was just like Harry Potter. I disagree with this. Yes, there are definitely similarities, especially in the first book. But Harry Potter doesn't have involved, loving parents. It doesn't have military involvement. It doesn't have what amounts to zombies. Harry Potter, but only superficially. Good distinction of characters. A deeper definition of personalities that I don't add using my internal voice. Did you have an extreme reaction to this book?

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Did it make you laugh or cry? Not really.

The White Mage Omnibus: 1-3 Free Audiobook

I did enjoy it more than I thought I would. And it's the first time I got an omnibus recording where I'm actually going to get more books that come after the last that's included.

Would you recommend this book to a friend? Why or why not?

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I don't think I'd recommend this book to a friend. It's just too much of a Harry Potter ripoff. I know it's hard to be original in this genre but this is ridiculous. The story is enjoyable but I'd suggest it for a preteen to early teen age range; it's pretty juvenile. The magic system isn't anything complex. It is just a system that seems to be able to do anything without conforming to a set logic.

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  • Without limitations to abilities, it's too easy say "well why didn't they just do XYZ instead? How does this one compare? I'm always happy listening to Derek's narrations. He does such a great job. The only reason I feel this story was worth a credit was because of the length. I'm sure there are several others that will enjoy this story. I was just really disappointed with how unoriginal almost every aspect of the story and world building was.

    The story is well written with interesting characters, that draw you in. There are hints of Harry Potter in the plot, but please don't be put off by that if you're not a fan of those stories, as the writer and his characters are very different. What did you like best about this story? Everything, it's not going to be a classic read by millions, and turned into a huge franchise, but it is fun and keeps you interested.

    Some parts are a little predictable but this just makes the unsuspected twists that bit better in my opinion. The narration was excellent, read at the perfect speed and with a pleasant tone. There are at least two more books in this series, but these are not on audible and may not have actually been turned into audiobooks as yet, and as I don't get many opportunities to sit and read I listen when on the move this has left me very frustrated.

    Very happy now, The next two books are available. Ignore those who say it's a Harry Potter ripoff, unless you believe there can be only be one Author per fantasy type. Forgive the pun but I was spell bound with the h potter books and films particularly the early ones. Enjoy the worlds people create, I'm sure you can think of books where there are similarities Lord of the Rings v Chronicles of Thomas Covenant. Every single sci-fi space opera but I love them.