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I'm sure it was groundbreaking in it's day, and it's still enjoyable to watch; but greatest film ever?

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The one film I could watch over and over again? I think not. The Third Man also starring Orson is the better film imho. And it's also hard to take seriously a list of directors than doesn't include Spielberg , Tarrantino, Scorcese or John Carpenter. Likes: bboomer. Oct 28, I agree about Citizen Kane, undoubtedly a materpiece, but somehow soulless, a masterpiece of technique above all; the Magnificent Ambersosn, although it was partially wrecked in the editing, is better from that point of view.

Lists of this kind are silly because they suggest that all filmakers are competing with greater or lesser success to do the same thing, whereas in fact there are fine films of all number of different kinds; the best Hammer horrors, for instance, are very good films in their way, or many good straightforward westerns of the best period e. High Noon, 3.

Paul Thomas Anderson's Oscar-winning fashion romance made a big impression in France this year.

Or films like Casablanca, which has already been mentioned, unsurpassable in its way, yet somehow not the kind of 'masterpiece' that these people are seeking. The lists also show a certain provinciality, Satyajit Ray, is not included for instance, in the top 50 directors, nor any director from Eastern Europe!! I guess it all depends on what criteria was laid down to define 'greatness'.

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It's certainly not for entertainment value, but maybe for technical ability at the time they were made, or for the advancements they helped achieve in film-making. As non-experts in film-making, we may look at the aesthetic beauty and the enjoyment we get from watching a movie, whilst a director might be looking at the techniques used to create the effects and the innovations. Would we have got Star Wars without Seven Samurai? Linschoten I think you're right about Orson Welles. Citizen Kane was his first film and he experimented , using every technique he had learned from watching other directors.

I was very impressed the first time I saw Citizen Kane, 'some years ago'. Have always recognised that film as masterpiece and thought Welles was a genius. He made two other brilliant films that I've actually seen;'"A touch Of Evil' and 'The Magnificent Ambersons' which I found confusing Welle's films can be described as 'deep', which Is fine you like deep. I do, but not in everything I watch. Sometimes I just want to be entertained. That's why I have Netflix. As for Tarantino; a bit too self-consciously brilliant for my liking.

More of a hauteur director than a auteur director. I don't even like all of his films, and think Pulp Fictions over rated wankery but fun --so he used an old technique of showing scenes out of sequence; very easy to get confused if you're not paying attention. I also find some of his 'wink wink' references self indulgent.

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I doubt many people, including me, would get a lot of them. Eg Brad Pitt as 'Lt Aldo Ray' second string actor from the 's, who made a few war films Tarantino's films are clever, with a sly undertone of all kinds of gags and film references.

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They can be can be a lot of fun but not my notion artistic films. However, that is something for the of the beholder.

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Aldo Ray - Wikipedia. Oct 29, Welles was a really bizarre, he undooubtedly had a touch of genius and should have been able to direct amazing films, and yet he hardly ever realized or properly finished any project; that cann all be put down to external difficulties. Ambersons is quite straightforward Ithink until one gets to the end, where it was up by the studio and could never be properly repaired; but ti was largely his own fault!

Paul Thomas Anderson's Oscar-winning fashion romance made a big impression in France this year.

Chimes at Midnight is worth looking out for. I don't think there need be any conflict between quality and entertainment, cinema has been a great popular art, and Hollywood was once producing really fine films that appealed to a mass audience, but that balance seems to have been lost. Asian History Aug 13, Are cinema and television dying art forms? Similar History Discussions K. Why did Hong Kong cinema portray the White Lotus negatively? Started by Knapf Aug 13, Replies: 6. Asian History.

Are cinema and television dying art forms?

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