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Love the shapes. Ilnar B. I love this cutter for pastries and cookies. It releases very well from dough without dusting in flour. Definitely a great buy for the price! Chelsey G. Billie J. Before you know it springtime will be here so I like to prepare myself and practice making colorful cookies using this flower cookie cutter. Don't forget that this cookie cutter can be used for multiple things such as making a sun. Yosimar H. Wilton makes great cookie cutters. This is light and cuts through Dough nicely. Rebecca K.

The Wilton Metal Flower cookie cutter is a great necessity in your baking kitchen. With Spring right around the corner, you can celebrate the first day of Spring in style with decorated flower cookies thanks to the clean cut of this cookie cutter! Lauren H. I bought these so I can make flower cookies in the spring, they make any platter look great once you decorate them with some colorful icing or food coloring. Amazing product and quality. The kids love the flower shape and it helps them be a little creative!

Highly recommend this product! Super easy to clean also. Amber R. The 3 inch metal flower cookie cutter by wilton is great quality. It cuts the dough clean and easy. It make cute and good sized cookies. Hevenly d. My children are very happy with this cutter. Its easy to cut and is safe for my little ones. I would definitely purchase again if needed. Chip C. This cookie cutter has a simple, crimped design which emulates the petals of a flower. This gives you a nice base to work worth, but you'll need some colored icing to bring the flower to life.

I recommend using sugar cookie dough, to give you a blank canvas. Vince S. This cookie cutter is the perfect size for cookies. I was on the hunt for a flower shaped and this really fit the bill. It is a fun shape to decorate. A quality product that I would recommend. Brittany S.

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Mike R. Bistro L. We owned many of the Wilton cookie cutters. They are very inexpensive and make cutting cookies very easy. This is a flower shaped and works well with many types of dough. Brandon G. This 3" metal flower cookie cutter is so versatile. We are using it around the holidays, but also can use it for summer parties, barbecues, etc. The round edges create prefect edges and it cuts through dough perfectly. Tomas S. Was looking for one like this but almost all were way to small this is exactly the size great value and price is right on.

Silvia Y. This ten petal, flower cookie cutter makes a delightful bouquet of flower cookies. Made of sturdy metal and colored bright yellow, this cookie cutter is cheerful!

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  7. Antonia S. Easy to grip and easy to hold on to. Anna K. The Wilton 3" metal flower cookie cutter is the perfect shape for pretty flower cookies. The coated metal of these cutters allows for easy, durable cutting of cookie dough, even when it is chilled. I love the vibrant yellow of the flower! Bridget D. This three inch metal flower cookie cutter is pretty cool.

    It fits in any sized hand and does not feel slippery like other brands. I would highly recommend this cutter and would really like to see additional sizes and shapes in the future. So cute. Jason M. It is just very boring. A little sweet. No complexity or tobacco flavor. Ends up being the taste of ash with a bit of sweetness mixed in. The spice, berry, and vanilla notes I could make out in the bag don't transfer to the taste at all. The room note was very nice on this blend. It was light and dissipated quickly but in the first few moments after puffing it smelled like a spiced nut loaf was just pulled out of a nearby oven.

    After only a short time it is almost undetectable except for a whisper of vanilla remaining in the air which lingers for a fair amount of time. Christmas cookie, despite an excellent room note. Just doesn't deliver in most other important characteristics. Flat taste, weak smoking experience, endless relighting. It is one that I really wanted to like my first few times smoking it.

    Yet in the end I had to stick with reality.


    Just got this today from J. Boswell and what a great tobacco! You won't be disappointed with this blend. Give it a try and you won't be disappointed. This one is a gentle throw back that reminds me of grandmas sugar cookies in the oven around the holidays. A really nice mild smoke that doesn't overpower the palate. I just took a freind to Boswells shop, and he brought several ounces along with him.

    He really likes it too. Some might say its a little flat, but I find it very even as far as flavor, and over all smoke from the top of the bowl to the bottom. Its a great aromatic, and when I have smoked it where others can smell it they ask me what it is. For those who are afraid of room note around the ladies--I have not gotten any complaints--only questions about whats in my pipe. This is my first time smoking anything from boswell's. I ordered a pipe from them, and they sent me some samples to try. I chose the christmas cookie for the free sample, and the berry cobbler as well.

    I was about to give up on the aromatics, but based on the r eviews here, I decided to try once more. I have heard others say they could taste the flavors in the smoke, but for me I have never tasted anything but "Sweet air" in the previous blends I have tried. I tried everything my local shop had to offer in aromatics, but I had to smoke real hard to get any taste from them.

    When I tried this blend, I put it in a corn cob Pipe I had because I did not want to take a chance on another tasteless tobacco ruining a new pipe. I could not believe it when I lit it up. It was incredible!! I smoked half the bowl, and then went and got a good pipe and filled her up. If you have been let down by all the aromatics you have tried It has taste, a very pleasant roomnote, and you wont find yourself smoking your pipe hot looking for flavor!! Thanks Boswell's I have to say that this was an awfully pleasant surprise.

    I wasn't sure. The tobacco arrived and I decided to load up a bowl of Christmas Cookie in a filtered pipe, as I tend to do with all aromatics. In the pouch, the aroma is a delightful vanilla with caramelized accents. The tobacco is easy to work with, though a little bit moist. A short quarter hour drying period was all it needed for me. Smoking this tobacco was a genuine pleasure. In the filtered pipe, the smoke was dry and biteless. Over the course of a long weekend, I plowed through the entire ounce and enjoyed every bowl. Like most aromatics, Christmas Cookie is decidedly short on nicotine, and so many smokers will find it wanting in that important area.

    But it's a lovely change of pace and just the kind of dry, bite-free smoke that those who like the smell of aromatics but dislike their smoking properties might enjoy. Highly recommended as a change of pace. This review requires a disclaimer: I am not an aromatic smoker and only smoked CC because it was included with a new Boswell pipe I purchased and I had read so many rave reviews of it. That being said, CC is something I could smoke on rare occasion. Though there may be certain things about this tobacco that the smoker might not fully appreciate or even absolutely not like , the flavor and aroma are above reproach, in my opinion.

    Nice sweet vanilla cookie taste and an aroma that people WANT to be around. This is a very mild blend and is not going to overwhelm the smoker's taste buds with flavor, and accordingly it does not bite in the least except for an overeager puffer looking to expand this blends focus.

    I agree with the tin description that one does not need to like aromatics to enjoy this blend but it would not, IMHO, be an all day smoke. This, for me, is a treat I probably won't have more than 2 oz of this in my tobacco bar at any one time, and will likely go without it for stretches of time. It's less so than other aromatics, but it does leave the telltale goopy trace in the pipe. Best to give it a pipe of its own. It does lose some of its flavor down the bowl as the casing burns away.

    It's not perfect. But I fully believe that when the smoker is in the mood for this, nothing else will do. I think this is a very good and original blend; I've never found anything quite like it. Boswell The Younger like his dad on other projects should be congratulated on this exclusive gem. I just finished a sample of this that I received nearly a year and a half ago along with several other Boswell aromatics.

    I was most looking forward to trying this one as it was the likely most famous of all the samples in that I had actually heard many other folks talk about this blend and not any of the others. Ultimately, I was disappointed with this one as was I with just about all the rest of them. Ironically, the one I liked the most was the Cherry one that was sent.

    I say ironically, because I don't like cherry aromatics. One thing I did notice about the Christmas cookie is that the flavor did flash off a lot in the time I had the sample. The last few bowls were very dull. I would add that I felt the toppings were dull with all of them. What I did taste is what has been explained in every other review here. Strong vanilla presence and sugary baked goods. I didn't think it was anything different than any other vanilla I have tried nor was there anything that differentiated it other than the declining strength of the topping.

    I wonder if this is a trait with the boswell aromatics in general. If so, this could explain my tasting results as I have no clue how my samples were stored before they got to me. For all I know they were left in a bag. After they got to me they went into a mason jar and the flashing still happened from that point forward. In any case, I don't think it weighs well for any blender of aromatics that the toppings would easily flash from the blend. Even if this blend were a fantastic aro fresh, something I can't claim to know, I would not feel comfortable buying a large amount of it if I knew the quality would noticeably decline in a relatively short time period.

    There are too many blenders making aros that do not have this problem. It is with this that I put two stars on this one. Not terrible, but there are many better options for people with cellars. Insert Sutliff Mountain Pass.

    Wilton 2308-1067 Details

    Didn't live up to the hype for me. Tastes kind of plain actually. I will smoke what i have then move on. I ordered thinking it was a good blend because it was recommended by many. However sad to say, i didn't really care for it. I didn't taste any of the "Sweet" cookie flavor i've been hearing about. I don't have very much to add,but I am impressed by the overall quality of this tobacco blend. It's mild enough to smoke all day,every day,with enough flavor to satisfy. It did get a little ashy tasting twoards the bottom,but not any worse than any other aromatic.

    I read these reviews and was expecting something extraordinary,but it didn't happen that way. Although Christmas Cookie is a 4star aromatic,there are a few aromatics out there that I put above CC,with Sweet Vanilla Honeydew taking the 1 spot,but I will keep Christmas Cookie in my tobacco rotation,for sure. I have been smoking this for a year now, and I never tire of it. It is an excellent, all year smoke, another superb mix by Boswell. I really can't add anything to the comments already given except I highly recommend it and it is one of my all time favorites. If you smoke aromatics and don't like this, switch to bark, because this is as good as it gets for aromatics.

    The only exception would be a smoker who likes fruity stuff. This blend is not fruity. It is mellow, pastry, down right delicious and mild, too. It burns great, tastes and smells geeat, and is easily the best smoke I have had in 40 years. I can't get enough of this. From the moment you open the bag you know this is something special. How many times have you opened a bag or tin and said "wow", only to be let down as soon, or soon after, you lit it?

    Not this time. If anyone knows of a better aromatic please let us know what it is. I'm fairly new to pipe smoking and this is my first review on this site. After a year of smoking a pipe, I'm still a fan of aromatics and have heard good things about the Boswell blends. So last week I ordered up this blend and two others. After a few bowls of Christmas Cookie, I find it to be quite a cool, medium flavored smoke. The middle of the bowl is thus far my favorite part of the bowl.

    It just seems, to me, that the flavor really comes out at that point. I think if you're an aromatic smoker, you owe it to yourself to try this and the other Boswell blends. This was the first blend I've tried of Boswell and I'm definitely pleased with their blending ability. The blend packs and lights well. Remains lit and as far as aromatics go, doesn't really burn too hot ie.

    I got mine out the pouch as soon as I could and put it into a nice glass jar to give it a little breathing room. I have to say though, not too wet and very smokable right away. It's not a coincidence I'm trying this around the approaching Christmas holiday. But hey, why not. If you can't smoke a blend called Christmas Cookie now, when can you? Though this blend is very mild, it is a really nice first smoke of the day.

    How to Make Wood Bowls

    Subtle hints of sugar cookie taste make it very pleasant and a full bodied flavor pleases the palate. A top notch aromatic!! This came highly recommended. It smelled great from the pouch, but I've smelled great before. I smoke straight Va's to Heavy Latakia blends but Always have aromatics. This tops it off! I immediatly called Boswell and ordered 2 lbs for back-up. This and Berry Cobbler are my top Aromatics. I have been smoking this for a year now, and can find nothing I don't like about it.

    This tobacco, and a churchwarden seem to be made for each other. One of the only two Boswell blends I like. If you like aromatics then this is for you. Certainly my favorite of the five or six Boswell blends that I've tried. Smells great, tastes great, and smokes great for the most part. I have dealt with some re-lighting issues but nothing to serious.

    This is an aromatic lovers,aromatic. This is by far the best aromatic in my collection aside from Dan Tobaccos Blue Note! The Boswell team hit a perfect score on this aromatic. It smells,tastes great and no bite to boot! While I enjoyed this, I liked Berry Cobbler better. I will say one thing though, Boswells has figured out how to make tasty aromatics without boiling your tongue! This had too much of a vanilla flavor for me but I expected that with the Christmas cookie thing going.

    I smells wonderful in the pouch though and has a good aroma but not cookie to me. It had another flavor that came and went like a maple or even a black cherry and was one that I had to smoke halfway down to really enjoy it. I won't buy more of this but it makes me want to try more Boswell aromatics. Best part of this blend is the room note. I get very little in the the taste department.

    If anything maybe a slight hint of vanilla. Quite tasty, I don't know about the "Christmas cookie" thing, but its a pretty tasty blend. The room note is what would be expected from an aromatic, and their is no tongue bite. All in all, not bad at all, but im a bigger fan of Boswell's "Cupcake.

    Christmas Cookie was a wonderful treat for me, probably because I had heard so many stories about that I thought the mystique would end my curiosity. It did taste like grandma's fresh backed Vanilla sticks, but grandma never put liquor in hers and there is a definite hint here of Jack Daniel's or, something like that.

    The Black Cavendish did provide some body and at times I really did, I swear, think that maybe I was smoking tobacco. A fun smoke for any time of year, but once was enough for me. This is another fine Boswell blend.

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    Not quite one of my favorites of theirs but it's a darn good smoke nonetheless. The tobacco has a nice note, burns nice and is pleasant in of itself. I just don't find it quite as interesting or having some of the nuances I am looking for. I can't say I am disappointed because it is better than so many others. I just find it a little lower on the totem poll as far as some of the other Boswell blends I have enthusiastically enjoyed.

    Pleasant pouch and room note.

    But little too weak for my tastes and it got a little bitter toward the botttom of the bowl, but I gave it to my son and he really liked it. If you want to smoke a Christmas cookie, this is the Go To aromatic for the wintery months. If this sounds like a disgusting time to you, then stop reading this review - this tobacco isn't for you. The best way to describe it is a batch of sugar cookies just came out of the oven and is cooling on the table. That's how this tastes.

    I give is 3 stars because it can really bite you, and it will get wet since it's very cased so it won't ever dry out enough to your liking. Also, I can't smoke this when it's not cold out - it's too strong and the bite only gets worse with the temperature. I wanted to hate it. The name alone kept me away for some time, but I finally picked some up. This is some good flippin tobacco! I smoked an oz. It is definitely a full aromatic, but it is done the right way. This is one of the very few aromatics that actually holds it's delicious flavor throughout the entire bowl.

    Most taste like ashy crap by the second half of the bowl, not this one. Flavor is reminiscent of aged vanilla, brown sugar, a drop of spiced rum, and a pinch of something else. Remember what your grandmas kitchen smelled like when she was baking cookies? Hands down best aromatic I've ever had. Similar flavor, but much bolder in the Christmas Cookie.. One of the best aromatics to have in your cellar. But I also get a bit of banana milk shake taste very subtle though. Packed the pipe using the "rolling pipe in your hand" method. Absolutely no to very little tongue bite. The nicotine kick is very minimal but the flavor is amazing and it has one of the best aftertastes.

    Very smooth almost till the end of the bowl. All of the Boswell blends are excellent products. There is not a dud in the bunch. That being said, I have found I like some more than others. Surprisingly my taste seems to go against the tide on this one. This blend is easily one of the flagship blends for Boswells, along with berry cobbler and northwoods. Surprisingly, this is not one of my favorites from Boswells. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy it, just not a favorite.

    This blend has to have one of the best tin and room notes on the market. They use the term "heady" in the description of this tobacco and that pretty much sums it up. It smells delicious. The flavor is very subdued. I would have liked a little more assertiveness in the vanilla department. As with all Boswell blends even the most aggressive puffer will find it hard to make this blend bite. One of only a handful of aromatics in my cellar. This one tastes nice and smells wonderful to those around you. A crowd pleaser for sure! It's like a Christmas cookie.

    In your pipe. You really won't notice any tobacco, even if you look for it. If what you want in a pipe tobacco is a sweet dessert, this is for you. As aromatics go, this seems of good quality, but I'm probably the wrong person to review this. Even the people around me thought it smelled too sweet. This seems to be made from the same basic tobacco blend as Berry Cobbler. Frankly, all of the Boswell blends that I have look pretty much the same, even their "English" blends. This clearly has virginias, burley, and cavendish, and is overall a very mild smoke. As with just about everything, it benefits greatly from some drying out before smoking.

    The first bowl, which was smoked right out of the bag, was hot and gave up little flavor. This was clearly the fault of my own impatience, and not some defect with the blend. When allowed to dry so as to dispel excess moisture, the effect was a much cooler smoke, with a much more robust, varied flavor. With that said, this is a very mild blend, as Boswell states was their intention, so do not expect a flavor bomb here, and especially not any rich tobacco flavor. It is a very pleasant mild aromatic smoke, so in that regard it hits the target directly where it was aiming.

    The aroma from the bag is strong, and indeed smells cookie-ish. As the tobacco synopsis indicates, there are a hodgepodge of flavors creating those cookie overtones. Vanilla and caramel seemed the most prevalent during the smoke. Like most Boswell blends, it is a cool smoke unless puffed without rest. One nice quality of this tobacco is that the room note is both very pleasant and non-tobacco like while smoking, and does not linger in an objectionable way at least not while running a small air filter.

    This is very handy when you want to have a smoke, but do not want to leave traces of your activity. While Boswell claims to not use humectants, I sat two or three bowls worth out overnight, and it was still not crunchy dry the next day. While it certainly is not goopy like some cheap aromatics, my guess and it is only a guess is that some type of humectant is used, perhaps by the supplier of the bulk mixing tobacco, before the folks at Boswell ever lay their hands on it.

    Regardless, if allowed to dry out a little it does not have any strange artificial smell or aroma while being smoked. Overall this is a very nice, mild aromatic. It is a secret weapon for getting away with smoking around non-smokers, or in places where you do not want an odor to linger. If you like aromatic tobacco, here ya go. It's chocked full of Licorice extract that when burned with tobacco gives off a sweet satifyiing taste and aroma, and caremel-esqe taste.

    As far as tatse goes, it's flater than a pancake.

    PastryCast Ep. 10 - Paczci -

    If you want to smoke in Public, outdoors, without some Green World, skinny bitch who eats lentils and bean sprouts instead of U. Beef,telling you that you're poluting the world and her baby's lungs then this will probaly get her off your ass once she smells the aroma. It does smell great. I'll stick with the Boswell's Premium Burley.

    It fits in with a whole host of aromatics that put lie to the traditional consideration of aromatics as fit only for rank amateurs who have not developed the taste and palate to appreciate otherwise. Actually, there are so many tobaccos equal to this one, that choice is difficult. Boswell has many such from which to choose. Today is the Day of fine aromatics that match well alongside the other tobacco blends This blend has the most reviews and 4 stars all the way across and I just can't see why.

    The biggest thing I'm noticing with Boswell's blends in particular are some of the names aren't fitting to the blend.

    How To Make Proper Croissants Completely By Hand

    Call me crazy, but this is nothing like a Christmas cookie, except for the room note and pouch aroma. The taste is very flat, dull, very little sweetness and I can't detect any vanilla. It's a dry smoke, and I find it a little zesty with a bit more kick than other aromatics. I've ordered this 3 times now and smoked the entire oz each time trying to see what all the hype was about. The pros: Smokes great, like many of Boswell's blends. No bite, burns cool, nice creamy smoke. Very intense sweet pouch aroma and exceptionally pleasant room note.

    The cons: The flavor is too mild for the name and description. To me it seemed flat, dull and not a whole lot going on. If it was named something different it might not be bad at all, but I feel it falls way short of holding up to the name or it's description. Everyone's tastes are different, you will have to try it for yourself but I won't be getting it again.

    This is my first review, so I'd ask that the more experienced crowd be gracious, and forgive me any reviewer sins As a relatively new pipe smoker, this tobac accompanied my purchase of a boswell original, and from the opening of the freight box, I was immediately pleased with the aromatic offerings that begged to be packed and lit immediately.

    My first experience of x-mas cookie was very pleasant in the room note department, though I felt it lacked a bit on the tongue. Perhaps I'm not a great reviewer of aromatics, but it just didn't have much flavor The tobacco was very high quality and offered a cool smoke to the end of the bowl, but got a bit "burnt" toward the end of the bowl.

    Additional smokes have proven much the same, though with some aging the flavors have "melded" some and proved more interesting. When compared with a few other aromatic offerings, it stacks in the average department for tongue interest, and since trying some english blends, I've decided I might be more inclined toward that variety of pipe tobacco. I give this one solid marks for room note and quality of tobacco, and account for my lacking flavor interest to a more significant interest in english blends.

    This is one of the few Boswell's aromatics I actually like and that tastes of something. Mild, flavorful smoke. Easy to lite and stay lit. Smokes down to a light gray ash. Moisture content is perfect. No bite. Casing is very lite. You could smoke this all day. This one I will be reordering. I liked it, but it burned a little hotter.

    I noticed that after it dried somewhat, it was much more enjoyable, but this is definitely a good blend. Another winner from Boswell Very easy on the taste buds and can be smoked bowl after bowl with no ill effects. Room note is as good as it gets I just received 2oz of this blend and have smoked four bowls. The burn its great. No goop in the pipe and a awesome room note. The wife lets me smoke this in the living room when we watch tv. The taste is mild with hints of vanilla, cookie and a little sweetness. Not a heavy aromatic.

    I might take the previous posters suggestion and buy a pound and let it age. It that time of year again! The best of the best aromatic blend that pleases both the Smoker and the passer by. Good Qulity leaf that dosen't leave the bowl sticky. A mild Vanilla and cookie flavor which just borders on being sweet.

    A great mild flavorful all day smoke. If your are into aroamtics This blend is a must. If not give it a try it may not make you an aromaitc lover but I am sure you will have a good smoke. Ages much better then most aromatics. I would recomnd to get a pound smoke through the holidays and store it away for next year.

    It get even better with age. Easy light up and taste better hours later to relight. Now this is blend being an aromatic should not be compared to English or heavier blends. So I decided to order a few samples from Boswell as i've heard they carry some of the best aros around.

    The moisture level was perfect for me, as i tend to smoke my baccy a little on the moist side. Easy to light, and easy to keep lit. The room note is fantastic! I really can't get enough of it and i'm sure others around me can't either. This is one of those blends that i'll smoke in the car to freshen it up!

    The taste: I dunno, it really just didn't cut it for me. I was all about tasting cookies when I lit up this sucker, and i can't say I didn't. But at the same time, i was expecting a bit more of a full cookie flavor. Don't get me wrong and don't let the 2 stars fool you, this is a solid blend. It just didn't sweep me off my feet like I was expecting it to. I would still recommend it though! This is a joy to smoke. It has a very nice room note, and is just about as bite free as you could ask for. It left no goop in the bottom of the bowl, and was ready to smoke right from the bag.

    It was the perfect moisture level to pack and smoke. It was very easy to keep lit as well. Unless something truly magical comes along this will be my go to smoke. This is a great all day mild tobacco. Upon opening the 2oz. This tobacco packs well, not wet at all,lights easy and stayed lit. Has a nice fresh baked cookie aroma with a hint of cherry coming thru now and then. What i loved about this tobacco is the white clouds of smoke it produced along with the cookie aroma. This is a no tongue bite tobacco,stays cool, no goopy mess,and it's pleasing cookie aroma.

    I keep finding myself coming back to this blend, very pleasant. I wouldnt say it has a vanilla taste to it more like a creamy tobacco taste. I been smoking this daily for about three months now and cant get enough. A very smooth smoke, and very enjoyable. I've smoked just one other Boswell Tobacco Berry Cobbler and it was very good also but I think I like this tobacco a little bit better. There's practically no bite at all. I would Highly recommend this to anyone, especially to new Smokers out there like me. A great choice here, very nice, very smooth.

    I've found this to go good with most any hot drink Burns slow and cool. Smells like vanilla cookies. If you are into your vanilla aromatics this is a great choice. Even if your not Love the blend Definitely will buy more. I got a sampler with about 10 Boswell blends in it and boy is this a good blend! It burns great, has no bite, and the Aroma is to die for!! My wife who has Asthma just informed me "you can smoke that blend anythime! If you havn't tried it smoke it!!!

    The name says it all for the taste of this blend. A mild, pleasing smoke that is not overwhelming with a nice room aroma. The Virginias are in perfect balance to provide the exact sweetness. Not a heavy taste of tobacco which makes this a great? I will always make sure I have a supply of this for the holidays!

    Another wonderful blend from Boswell. Dan outdone himself with this blend.