Are You Sitting Down?

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Why should you sit down when taking your waist and hip measurements?

A study of 63, males ages found that participants sitting more than four hours a day were significantly likely to have chronic disease, according to this study cited by the National Institutes of Health. What are you supposed to do? I had been sitting at a desk for 30 years. So I decided to try standing. My first stand-up desk was simply an old metal office desk elevated on two-by-fours, which were painted black to match the rest of the desk.

Are You Sitting Too Much?

It looked kind of strange, but it did the job and it was a great conversation piece when someone would visit my office the first time. Now, I stand all day. I love it. I highly recommend standing. I have an elevated workstation that is a step up from my original invention, but it does the same job. I do have chairs in my office for visitors, but most days I rarely sit down. The key to standing comfortably all day is a good cushion, such as a rubberized floor mat, under your feet.

Besides feeling more alert, there are other side benefits. The "comfortably" version was used on the children's radio program Listen with Mother. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top.

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Viewed 6k times. Wrzlprmft 3, 22 22 silver badges 42 42 bronze badges. Yes, that's exactly what they're for. They're based on the assumption that it is easier to receive bad or shocking news if you're sitting down, because you're less likely to faint or crumble in a heap from the shock and despair of this news.

Why you should sit down to take your measurements

I don't think there's much truth to that, but the mental image is there. Yes, that's it. It's an introduction to bad news.

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It means "be prepared for bad news". It's a reference to asking someone to sit down in case they faint because of unexpected news. Yeah, "Are you sitting down? It would be better to have answers in the Your Answer box. Centaurus - it's not always bad news; it could equally be used for unexpectedly good news. For example, I would easily imagine using this phrase if I was telling family members that I'd won the lottery. Clyne, my boss, says Centaurus Centaurus It might be helpful to note that the phrase is not used in circumstances most likely to lead to actual collapseā€”it would be somewhat callous to preface the news of a loved one's unexpected death this way, for example.

In that case, you would give the news in person, so wouldn't need to ask about the person's state of seatedness, and would say something like "let's sit down" to get the person to sit.

Are You Sitting Down? | The New Yorker

If you telegraph the bad news by saying "are you sitting down" or "you should sit" they might argue with you rather than sitting, thus leading to the dangerous situation you want to avoid. It's more about preparing the person for shock than specifically being about bad news. For example, the phrase would also be appropriate to prepare your spouse for news that you'd won the lottery. I've edited. Indeed, I recall the midwife telling me to sit down before she presented me with my newborn daughter my wife was still under anaesthetic.

She'd probably seen a few new dads crumble in the same circumstances. But the formulation "are you sitting down" also implies that the speaker doesn't know, which implies they are speaking on the phone.

Are You Sitting Down?

If you drop a newborn standing, there's a greater chance of injury. Especially first-time new parents may not be all that familiar with the right way to hold a baby. Centaurus, the "I'm pregnant" news is probably a fit for the list regardless of who the father is.