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We also see spectacular underwater footage of the Caribbean Islands.

Alby meets some interesting characters such as two dogs and their families that have totally taken over a deserted town. Some African locals also show him a great night out. Alby's two dogs check out a leper colony. He meets two native girls who swim out to the yacht and won't leave. Alby learns first hand the traditions of the Carob Indians which have not changed for centuries and experiences their tragic deaths, forced to suicide rather than give in to French Soldiers.

Anybody who is someone out of Hollywood has a house on Mystique Island. Only the rich such as Mick Jagger can own property there. Alby contrasts the way black people live on the island with the way of life of the super rich. The whole journey is one big laugh with KB being a real comedian, he should have been on TV years ago. This is the first time a film has ever been made about this awe-inspiring place. He is so happy to be home he celebrates by setting off with his best buddy KB on a rough old raft built from 44 gallon drums which takes them on a special journey floating down Australia's largest river — The Murray.

This is in total contrast with the previous 10 documentaries made on the large catamaran.

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The largest white pointer sharks in the world prowl these waters, making it extremely treacherous to dive. However, Alby risks all in search of fairytale creatures that inhabit these depths — the magical leafy sea dragon and graceful weedy sea dragon.

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What you will witness with him truly defies belief. For several months he has been hand rearing an orphaned baby Joey kangaroo and on Jo's arrival he presents it to her. They then travel to where he spent most of his childhood — a town called Murray Bridge on the banks of The Murray River, the longest and mightiest river in Australia. We travel with them along the Murray to the outback of Australia before they leave the river and travel further inland to a sprawling sheep station where they join the sheep muster and watch shearers go about their back breaking work.

On the vast inland Lake Alby films the abundant bird life before stumbling across a drowning cow both he and Jo make a valiant attempt to rescue. We travel this State with Alby and Jo, meeting drovers and cattle farmers who work huge herds of cattle over many hundreds of miles. The modern way to muster the big herds is by helicopter.

He also experiences the awesome power of an outback cattle road train as it thunders toward him before witnessing head of cattle being unloaded after an epic 36 hour journey. As a lover of animals, and especially horses, Alby is intrigued to hear of a stockman who is using a new and much less cruel method of breaking in wild horses. He meets this man and watches as he applies this gentle method with remarkable success.

Alby Mangels - Skeleton Coast : West Africa

The practice of Aboriginals burying their dead above the ground is very seldom heard of and unique to this area of Australia. The long journey involves driving a 4WD vehicle along treacherous muddy tracks and on several occasions they become seriously bogged. Eventually, after a trek through the bush on foot, they find the cave and discover the centuries old remains of an Aboriginal warrior. Alby and Jo are very excited when they spot an extremely rare albino kangaroo before heading to Brisbane where, after almost a year, Alby's 43 foot sailing catamaran Zenani is ready to leave for the epic voyage around the islands of Vanuatu and the Solomons.

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Cotton is a crop that has only recently been introduced to the area. It is also a very thirsty crop. Newly developed water damming strategies for the cotton crop are adversely affecting the flow of the Murray River, and Alby is very concerned at how this decreasing water flow is damaging the delicate eco systems.

They then travel to Western Australia for an aerial view of The Ord River and travel through the Bungle Bungles - an eerie almost alien landscape dating back to pre-historic times. They see much of the wildlife while trekking through lush tropical inland rainforests, including koalas, goanna and dingos. We learn about the devastating effect that early European settlers had on the local Aboriginal population and Alby meets the last remaining local Aboriginal living there. Back on the mainland they travel to Nimbin, a town known for its alternative sub-culture and hippie population, and meet a family who have embraced this alternative lifestyle.

Nearby on a communal farm a camel has broken its back in a fall and Alby, along with some of the locals, attempts to help the distressed animal recover. These people live an almost feral life within the valleys and forests relying on very little help or support from the outside world. It is a rough life and one they choose for themselves and enjoy living.

Alby learns what drives them and leads them to protest against mining industry projects in the region. He discovers the environmental damage caused by the companies is frightening in the extreme. In the New Hebrides and Vanuatu he experiences a way of life on tiny islands with native peoples where he is able to relish turning the clock back 50 years.

It is a reflective and thought-provoking journey with a far reaching impact. It is an idyllic and easy going tropical sea journey with no schedules to kept. Along the way they stop at several islands to meet the locals and learn a little about their unhurried way of life.

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Alby then finds a WW2 ship wreck on a shallow reef and explores it using a 6ft long air hose connected to a breathing apparatus floating on the surface. On Pentecost Island, Alby and Jo witness the ancient practice of land diving a local version of bungie jumping. Arriving at the island of Santo, fearing Japanese submarines and unaware of submerged mines, the vessel was fatally struck. In a dive akin to entering a 40 story unlit building at night, risking the fate of previous divers who became so lost in her bowels they never returned, Alby investigates this ill-fated dame of the South Pacific Ocean.

Once they reach the island they trek inland and climb into the hills to a village where the locals live exactly as they have done for 1, years, getting a glimpse of a people who are linked with nature and whose survival depends on hard physical labour and resourcefulness in an unforgiving jungle. Jo starts to feel very ill. Alby is not sure whether her illness is due to the local food or if it is something more serious like Malaria. Not wanting to take a chance he decides on a sea voyage by canoe to take her to the nearest hospital over a treacherous rising swell.

At the Gulf of Carpentaria he meets some rugged characters who make a living catching huge mud crabs while avoiding the ever present crocodiles. He then travels to Alice Springs, right in the centre of Australia. Here we glimpse some of the problems faced by Australia's indigenous Aboriginals. A long and gruelling journey through the Simpson Desert, one of the most desolate and arid in the Southern Hemisphere, takes us to the outback town of Birdsville where Alby discovers some of the old farming ways are being kept alive. We then hop aboard a twin turbo prop plane to travel along one of the longest and most unique mail delivery runs in the world.

Sixty years ago Diana and her husband set up a base on remote Pigeon Island, after she sailed from England on a square rigger with an all girl crew — unheard of at the time. Alby is full of admiration and delight at her incredible way of life. In the centre of Australia rivers are experiencing massive flooding and one of these rivers has never been run before. Naturally Alby and his friend want to be the first and what they captured on film is extraordinary.

He explains what influenced and motivated him as a young man to travel the world and start his lifelong search for adventure, sharing behind the scene accounts of what happened on those adventures. He shows us his present day lifestyle and tells why he has decided to keep Adelaide as his base. One cause that he is particularly committed to is that of the mountain gorillas in Africa which are on the verge of extinction. In this film he takes the opportunity to share with his audience the remarkable features that make the Coorong what it is: one of the top bird-watching locations in the world, a sacred Aboriginal land, and a haven for migratory pelicans who have been landing there since before recorded history.

To Alby this is eternal beauty of the place he has made his own. This is a truly magnificent example of how Alby has matured and grown both as a cinematographer and film maker over the decades. The camera work is superb and astonishing detail of life under the feathered world of the Coorong is exquisite.

Alby Mangels

He installed an engine and assembled a jury rig consisting of an eleven meter long mast and a piece of five centimetre round water pipe that was six meters long as a yard arm. Over this he hung a large piece of canvass making a crude sail and advertised for crew to help him sail from Mooloolaba to Adelaide. With a crew of five they left Queensland replete with seven gallon drums of fuel, two drums of water, and spare masts and parts lashed to the deck.

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  6. It took years before his pride and joy was finally christened the Gretta Marie. A continuous journey which compares similarities, and differences, whilst observing day-to-day existence in modern society as they continue to maintain and promote their history, art and culture through storytelling, song and dance. There is much to learn from these people, as we experience their traditional way of life, trying to understand their unique existence in the framework of our world.

    This work is significant and relevant to the current interest in global issues and international culture Studying the cultural unity between indigenous groups Rick tries to explore some of the issues they are facing daily, while maintaining their identities in this contemporary society. It emerges as an incredible journey deep into the way of life of the Native American and Aboriginal Tribes.

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    The Alby Mangels Story

    Sort order. Jan 27, Kat rated it did not like it Shelves: biographies-and-memoirs , meh-but-not-awful. I felt at times that the author simply watched Alby's documentaries and made notes. Although Lynn Santer knows Alby extremely well, she fails to provide the reader with thought provoking material. Their close friendship apparently got in the way of a more journalistic approach.

    For example, most of the controversy surrounding Alby and his documentaries is simply brushed away. Alby does vaguely comment on some of it but mostly, the story-line just follows his travels without adding extra informat I felt at times that the author simply watched Alby's documentaries and made notes.

    Alby does vaguely comment on some of it but mostly, the story-line just follows his travels without adding extra information. Although this book may be a nice addition for those who thoroughly enjoyed watching Alby on TV sweet nostalgia! You might as well opt for a coffee table book with lotsa pictures instead.

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    Or skip it altogether and stick to the documentaries. Dec 08, Trey rated it it was ok Shelves: for-fun. With an irrepressible spirit of adventure, his bull terrier by his side and a crew of willing accomplices, Alby's daring and dangerous exploits catapulted this very private person from obscurity to superstardom.

    The backlash was just as swift. Claims were made that his films were misleading and staged. A nature lover, he was accused of animal cruelty and even in his personal life Alby was often branded a 'playboy'. Discover the untold stories that followed, as Alby continued to explore the traditional cultures, natural wonders and incredible animals that share our planet.

    With a balance between the psychological impact that people and events had on Alby, and the pure action of his adventures, this book can take you on an exciting journey of its own. Anyone interested in adventure -- who longs to experience it themselves, or just kick back and savour the adventures of others -- will find this book to be a satisfying trek into the world of a free-spirit and a spiritual inspiration.

    About Lynn Santer Born and raised in London, Lynn Santer has been a crusader for causes since she was a small child, winning her first award for animal welfare when she was just eleven years old. She has travelled the world and played a hands-on role in the hot spots of Africa to help preserve the endangered big cats that are her passion in life. In , Lynn was responsible for bringing together a team from across three continents and two hemispheres to plan a covert operation with ex-special forces commandos.