A Golden Trail of Murder

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paynewsplotrelsback.tk The team works both cold cases and active investigations. There, the team can identify potential relatives, usually distant cousins and not-close relatives. The forensic genealogist was able to map three of the four familial lines of the killer and identified the killer as Jerry Walter McFadden, born March 21, McFadden was a convicted murderer and was executed by the State of Texas in October Detectives also learned McFadden traveled to the Pacific Northwest in with an acquaintance from their home town.

Golden State Killer: Ex-cop arrested in serial murder cold case

News May 7, RENO, Nev. Washoe County Sheriff Darin Balaam announced he has closed the investigation into the shooting death of the victim identified for the first time publicly on Tuesday as Mary Silvani. She was born in Pontiac, Michigan, in and attended high school in Detroit before moving to California. Balaam said her killer was James Richard Curry, who was born in Texas in and served prison time for robbery there before he was arrested in California in January He says Curry confessed to a murder in Santa Clara and two killings in the San Jose area in January but killed himself in a Santa Clara jail before he went to trial.